Chapter 859: Live like a Man (10)

"They found plenty of meths, it's enough for a death sentence. Don't worry," Qin Chu slowly said.

Huo Mian nodded but didn't say anything.

"Sis, I'm a bit tired, I'm going to head upstairs first."

"Zhixin#" Huo Mian stood up very nervously.

"Sis, I'm fine. Don't worry about me. I won't take it too hard, I still have to take care of you and Mom. I just need to be alone for a while."

"Okay# you have to keep it together# You have to live like a man."

Huo Mian knew that it was a very painful thing for the 19-year-old Zhixin to lose the love of his life.

She was really scared that he wouldn't be able to keep it together#

Zhixin nodded, and Yang Meirong wiped away her tears as she said, "Yue was such a sweet child, what was she doing with those people? She even kept it a secret from us and didn't ask for help. What a pity, she was only 21 years old. I always thought that she would become my daughter-in-law."
"Mom# the dead can't come back to life. Don't be so sad, please take care of Zhixin."
"I will, you guys should head home. You've got bags under your eyes, you haven't been sleeping well these past few days, have you?"

Yang Meirong looked at Huo Mian with heartache#

As Qin Chu was helping Huo Mian into his car, he suddenly asked her, "Honey, did you have a car accident today?"

"I did."

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, but my car was scratched#"

"That's fine. You can get it fixed at the shop."
"After the accident today, I happened to run into Su Yu, and he helped me," Huo Mian voluntarily said.

"Okay." Qin Chu nodded.

He was very comforted because Huo Mian was honest with him#


"I know that you're upset# but we need to let go#"

"I know, I'm upset but I'll be fine. I'm scared for Zhixin#"

"I actually think that Zhixin might become more mature after what happened. You shouldn't worry so much."

It was already 10 PM when the two of them returned home.

Huo Mian's stomach grumbled from hunger.
Even though she insisted that she didn't have an appetite, Qin Chu still made her a bowl of ramen.
Then he coaxed her into having a bit#

After Huo Mian finished eating, she crawled into Qin Chu's arms with a dull expression on her face#

"Honey, if I die one day, will you miss me?"

"I won't."

"How heartless are you?" Huo Mian raised her head, clearly upset by his answer.

Qin Chu looked into Huo Mian's eyes deeply and quietly said, "I'll live as long as you live, and I'll die as soon as you die."

After hearing what Qin Chu said, Huo Mian was once again dumbstruck#

Her hands tightly wrapped around Qin Chu's waist#

She suddenly felt like the parting at life and death was too horrific, and it might be just around the corner#

A life might wither instantly, and they would be forever separated. 

At 11 PM, Zhixin posted an update in his WeChat friend circle.

He posted a candlelight prayer photo, along with the following. 'In life, everything else is trivial compared to life and death. I wish that you won't be in pain ever again, and I hope that you will forget everything that you don't want to remember.'

Heartbroken, Huo Mian sent him a WeChat message.

"Zhixin, she won't be in pain anymore in heaven. I'm truly sorry for your lost."
"Sis, I suddenly came up with an idea. I don't know if you'll agree to it or not," replied Zhixin.


"I want to study abroad. I want to leave this city for a bit, or else I think that I will die from heartache."

Zhixin felt like Huang Yue's shadow was in every corner of this city, so he was very saddened.



"Now?" Huo Mian hesitated.