Chapter 858: Live like a Man (9)

"Pish# Grandpa, you're a military commander, why are you following entertainment news? I must be drunk."

"What do you mean by 'drunk'? We haven't even started drinking yet, why would you be drunk? You only know how to talk gibberish."

His grandpa clearly didn't know about popular slangs, so he misunderstood what Su Yu meant.

"Dad, when he said drunk, he didn't mean that he was actually drunk, it means that he is speechless," Mr. Su explained.

Su Yu immediately gave his father a thumbs up. "See, my dad is clearly brighter."

"Shoo, shoo, we're trying to be serious with you. You're nearly thirty years old, but you're still so silly everyday#" Mr. Su scolded.

Su Yu laughed#

Mrs. Su immediately helped Su Yu out, "You just got back, shouldn't scold your son. He is very busy with work lately."

"Half of the reason why Su Yu turned out like this is that of how much you've spoiled him," Mr. Su blamed his wife.

"Why are you blaming me# isn't he your son? You say it as if you don't spoil him."

"Whoa, okay, okay, it's hard for all of us to get together, so let's not talk about these unhappy things."
"Then tell me, when are you going to find me a granddaughter-in-law?"

"What's the hurry, I'm doing well right now. What if I find an irrational and moody woman who manages to piss you off too?" Su Yu asked on purpose.

"I'd be happy even if I died of anger that way. I'm very old and am in a hurry to hold my great-grandson."
"That's easy, I'll just get a test tube baby later."

"Don't be silly, eat," Mr. Su scolded him again.

Before Huo Mian even arrived home, she received a call from Zhixin.

"Sis# something happened."

"What is it?" Huo Mian's heart plopped.

"Yue# she jumped off a building," Zhixin wailed out in tears after he spoke.
Huo Mian fiercely stepped on her brakes and parked her car off to the side of the road#

She panted in and out heavily, and then hurriedly turned her car around, heading straight to the First Hospital.

When she arrived, Huang Yue's body was already covered with a white cloth and was being pushed towards the mortuary.

Huang Yue's family was overwhelmed with tears#

The entire hallway filled with grief and tears#

"How did this happen?" Huo Mian was a bit dumbfounded.

"Half an hour or so ago, I# she said that she wanted vegetable congee, so I went out to buy her some# but then she#" Then, Zhixin burst out in tears again.

The nurses at the hospital told Huo Mian that Huang Yue sent Zhixin and her family half an hour ago with an excuse. 

Then, she jumped off from the sixth-floor head first into the ground.

She was clearly determined to die#

The doctors rushed her to the emergency room, and after attempting to resuscitate her for twenty minutes or so, they declared her brain dead.

The truth was, Huo Mian wasn't completely shocked by Huang Yue's decision to end her life#

Qin Chu called Huo Mian before she got off work.
The scumbags had already confessed to Gao Ran that ever since that party, that asshole, Yuan Ziwei, had been bothering and harassing Huang Yue. He even took a bunch of nude photos of her and forced her to have sex with him.

She was also beaten brutally and raped, but since she was cowardly, she endured all of it#

However, after he drugged Huang Yue that day, of the six people there, three of them had sex with Huang Yue consecutively.

Huang Yue didn't remember any of it when she initially woke up, but later her memories gradually came back.

Then, mentally unstable, she kept showering and mumbling to herself.

Later, while Zhixin was out, she couldn't take it anymore, and decided to jump off the building#

Perhaps at that moment, death was the truest and only salvation for her#

Huo Mian leaned against the wall in the hallway, feeling her heart sink, bit by bit#

It was as if that girl that loved to smile was still in front of Huo Mian, as she gossiped, "Senior Sister, you graduated from Second High as well. Do you know that dream-prince, Qin Chu?"

Such a lovely girl sank into the influence of depravity during her best years, just because she met a scumbag.

Tears slowly ran down Huo Mian's face#

Then, she and Zhixin fell into each other's arms in the hallway, and the siblings cried out in agony#

"Sis# I'm so miserable# my heart is in so much pain that# I think I'm about to die," Zhixin said with difficulty as he pointed to his chest.

Huang Yue was the first and only girl he ever loved, but she died, right in front of him.

It was already a bit past seven when Qin Chu arrived at the hospital.

He picked up Huo Mian and Zhixin and drove them back to Sky Blessing Court.

After Yang Meirong found out about what happened, she was dumbstruck as well; the entire family fell silent.

"Honey# how did the police# deal with those scumbags#?" Huo Mian suddenly hated those scumbags more than anything.