Chapter 857: Live like a Man (8)

Even if they came, they would still say that it was this man's fault.

This man wasn't dumb either, and when he saw that this kid was the owner of the Ferrari, he knew that Su Yu wasn't someone he could offend.
So he immediately looked at Huo Mian and said, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have cursed at you just now. I was too agitated."

"Uhm#" Huo Mian was a bit speechless, only because she was shocked to see Su Yu here.

After the man apologized, Su Yu told out a platinum business card and tossed it at that man's face.

"Go to this place tomorrow and find the Finance Department. Pick up three hundred thousand yuan and remember to bring your own box. We only pay cash."

The middle-aged man took the business card, and his hair stood up in fear when he saw the name printed onto it.

Su Yu# these two words wielded a god-like existence in this city.

"No, it's really okay# I don't want the money anymore."

The middle-aged man turned around and ran away before Su Yu could say anything# as if he was scared that he would offend an important figure.

"Are you okay?" Su Yu asked Huo Mian with care as he turned around to look at her.

Huo Mian nodded her head#

"You usually don't drive like this, why were you distracted today?"

"I# had something on my mind, and was too concentrated."

"This is too dangerous# it's a small thing if you run into someone else, but it would be terrible if you hurt yourself# Luckily it was only a Mazda today, I can't imagine if it was a truck." Su Yu was scared by the afterthought.

After he got off work, he drove by this road on his way back to his family's mansion and didn't expect to see a traffic accident here.

When he drove by, he saw the Audi R8's license plate and knew it was Huo Mian, so he immediately parked and stepped out.

"Yes, I know. About earlier# thank you," Huo Mian earnestly thanked Su Yu.

"What are you thanking me for? Hurry back home, drive safe."

"Okay." Huo Mian turned around and got into her car. Then, she drove away#

The traffic police didn't dare to approach them when they saw that Mr. Su was here, and only told the crowd to disperse.

It was already 6 PM when Su Yu arrived at home.

"Grandpa, you're finally back. I've missed you so much."

Su Yu saw Grandpa Su drinking tea on the sofa while watching the news.
He immediately rushed forward and hugged his grandpa lovingly.

"You little brat# if I didn't call you, you wouldn't even come back home, would you?"

Grandpa Su might have scolded him, but his eyes filled with spoiling adoration as he looked at his grandson.

"That's a lie# I've been back several times lately. Neither you nor dad was home, which was all the more reason for me to come back to accompany my mom."

"Since when have you been so obedient?" Clearly, his grandpa didn't believe him.

However, Mrs. Su smiled and said as she walked down the stairs, "Dad, Yu is telling the truth. He came back the other day and asked me to make him egg fried rice."

"At least you have a conscience#" His grandpa was clearly very happy.

"Ma'am, dinner is ready," the maid carefully said.

"I'll get your dad, sit down with your grandpa first."

Then, Su Yu's grandpa stood up. He may be old, but he was a very strong man. He walked up to the alcohol cabinet and took out a bottle of Jian Nan Chun (TL: the name of a baijiu brand).

"Kid, have some with me?"

"Sure# if you're willing, of course I'm willing," Su Yu loved his grandpa and was very skilled at making him happy.

They uncorked the 500-milliliter bottle of baijiu just as Mr. and Mrs. Su came downstairs as well.


"You're back?" Mr. Su was a serious man, and because he managed the biggest private bank in the country, he was often away for work.

He traveled all over the country and dealt with various provincial officials, so he was quite conservative in his character.

There were ten or so aromatic dishes on the table.

The family of four sat down, and the atmosphere was very lively#

"Yu# have you been dating lately?" asked Grandpa Su.


"Tell me the truth." Grandpa Su clearly didn't believe him.

"I really haven't, Grandpa," Su Yu replied as he picked up a bite of food and ate.

"But# the news and newspapers have been saying that you were in a relationship with# that popular female celebrity under your label," Grandpa Su said in all seriousness.