Chapter 85: Company

"Yes." Huo Mian answered honestly.

"Are you scared?" Qin Chu's voice suddenly became gentle, like he was amusing a child.

"Why would I be? I went to medical school, so I'm fine around dead bodies. But when I think of grandma laying inside the coffin, I'm still a little sad."

"Life and death are laws of nature. No one can do anything about it. Don't dwell on it."

"I know."

After Huo Mian answered, she changed the topic, "It's late. why are you still awake?"

"I just got back from a business trip."

"This late?"


"You must be exhausted. Get some rest," Huo Mian said softly.

However, Qin Chu didn't have any intention of going to bed, "Don't hang up the phone. I'll keep you company."

Afraid that Huo Mian would say no, he quickly added, "I want to guard the mourning hall with you, just like this."

Faced with Qin Chu's good intentions, Huo Mian didn't have the heart to say no. She knew deep down what he was like.

Maybe she had been up for too long, but her eyes felt a little teary…


After a long silence, Huo Mian answered with one word. She then put down her phone, but it was still connected.

Yet, neither of them said anything else...

There was no doubt that this kind of company was the most special. Although it didn't have any physical meaning, Huo Mian didn't feel alone anymore on that sad night…

Huo Mian burned paper offerings for her grandma in silence without feeling sleepy even once, all the way until dawn.

The sun came up by 5 AM.

Huo Siqian walked over in a black shirt and suit pants, holding a vintage LV scarf.

He put the scarf on Huo Mian before she could say anything.

"I don't need it."

"Take it. It was grandma's when she was still alive. Unless you don't like it."

Hearing what Huo Siqian said, Huo Mian felt bad saying no. If she didn't accept, it would seem like she detested grandma's stuff.

Huo Siqian looked Huo Mian up and down and laughed, "Mian, my little sister, the dress on you must be worth a fortune."

"You're wrong. It's a fake."

"Oh, really? I know your salary isn't very high as a nurse. Speaking of which, your job makes so little and is so tiring, have you ever thought about coming back to the Huo Corporation to help us?"

"Sorry, I am not interested in the Huo Corporation."

Huo Mian rejected assertively…

Huo Siqian seemed to have anticipated Huo Mian's answer. He just laughed, "Ha, do you have something against money?"

"No, I have something against you."

Huo Siqian unfolded his hands innocently, "Mian, my little sister, I have always been friendly to you. You shouldn't treat me like this."

Huo Mian didn't say anything. At that time, the feng shui master they hired arrived, "The mourning has ended. You should go and get ready. We are leaving town at 7 AM for the burial."

Huo Mian stood up slowly, but she realized that her knees were asleep from kneeling. As soon as she stood up, she began to fall over.

Instinctively, Huo Siqian came up to lend an arm. But Huo Mian dodged it and fell to the ground.

"Why would you do that? It's not like I will bite." Huo Siqian was a little speechless.

Huo Mian didn't respond. She slowly stood up while holding on to an iron rod by the funeral bed. Then she walked to the resting area, located beside the mourning hall.

Seeing how obstinate Huo Mian was, Huo Siqian's smile became deeper.

When Huo Mian found a quiet place and was ready to sit down, she suddenly remembered that her phone was still on.

She was still on the phone with Qin Chu. In that case… would he have heard the conversation she had with Huo Siqian?

She took out her phone to make sure. As expected, the phone call was still going…

She didn't know if Qin Chu was asleep or not, so she spoke quietly into the phone, "Qin Chu, are you asleep?"