Chapter 829: Taking Something That Belongs to Others (10)

"What's the point of doing this shitty work? How much money do you even get paid each month? I said that I could be your sugar daddy# why don't you know what's good for yourself? All of those women want me to pay for them, and I don't even look at them. You're really a dumb woman."

"Let go of me, I have to go back to work. Don't come looking for me at work anymore." Huang Yue seemed to dislike this man quite a lot.

"What? Are you scared that little boy of yours will find out?" The man smiled very disgustingly.

This man had tattoos on his arm and wore a sleeveless shirt on a cold day, which was completely insane.

His hair was short, and he had small eyes, a very large nose, and a very ugly mouth#

He looked to be about thirty or so years old#

Huo Mian could never imagine how Huang Yue managed to get herself involved with a person like him.

This man was a classic scumbag#

"Don't make up all that nonsense# hurry up and leave, don't let anyone see you. I don't want to be judged by others." Huang Yue reached out to push that man away#

However, he immediately slapped Huang Yue on the face#

"You cunt# you weren't in such a hurry to chase me away when you were on my bed# It's only been a few days since I've hit you, and you think you're better than that now, don't you? I wanted to take you out for lunch out of kindness, and you're being so rude to me# Women are all so degrading# I just haven't tamed you enough in bed."

The man's mouth was filled with filth, and he even hit Huang Yue#
Standing not far from them, Huo Mian could no longer bear it#

She walked out from the corner and stopped the man's hand from hitting Huang Yue again.

Huang Yue was fairly weak, as she tilted her head to the side in fear# She was too scared to fight back.

"Scumbag, stop it right there," cursed Huo Mian.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Senior Sister# why are you here?" Huang Yue quickly looked up when she heard Huo Mian's voice, obviously shocked to see her.

"If I didn't come to find you, I wouldn't have witnessed such an interesting scene," Huo Mian said to Huang Yue as she glared at her#

"Senior Sister# I've failed you and Zhixin," Huang Yue wailed out in tears. 

"Don't speak right now, we'll talk about this later."

After she spoke, Huo Mian walked over to that man and fiercely kicked him in his crotch#

Huo Mian was quite experienced with this 'die without descendants' attack#

"Ah# you hateful woman# how dare you kick me, do you know who I am?"

"I'll kick you even if you're the Monkey King# Let me tell you, men who hit women are all f*cking cowards# Why don't you go fight the war if you're so brave, there's nothing glorious with hitting women at the hospital, you big dumbass." Huo Mian had never cursed so harshly in her entire life...

Her emotions now were beyond anger#

Huo Mian turned around after she spoke and headed back into the hospital as she held Huang Yue's hand#

"You little piece of trash# just you wait, I'll get you for this later on," the man clamored behind them, as he covered his crotch#

Huang Yue kept crying, and she didn't say anything along the way. Huo Mian took her to a remote rooftop at the hospital.

Then, Huo Mian suddenly let go of her hand#

"Tell me what this is about." Huo Mian crossed her arms around her chest as she sternly looked at Huang Yue.

She truly never expected that one day, Huang Yue would fool around with another man behind Zhixin's back.

Plus, that man wasn't even as handsome as Zhixin. He was old, ugly, had a tattoo, and looked like a complete hooligan.

"Senior Sister# I didn't want this to happen either, I really didn't mean to lie to you and Zhixin on purpose# I'm completely out of options."

Huang Yue cried helplessly; perhaps she didn't expect Huo Mian to run into this.

"You're going to have to explain everything to me. First tell me who that man was, and what kind of relationship he has with you," Huo Mian demanded and she glared at Huang Yue.