Chapter 824: Taking Something That Belongs to Others (5)

"It won't be# if it was, we wouldn't have been able to safely escape last time," Qin Chu slowly said as he took a sip of tea.

Rick was slightly stunned.

Then he looked at Qin Chu and said, "You mean# whoever it was didn't attack because they saw that it was you guys?"

"That seems to be the case# I'm not sure if they were worried about Mian or me... I also don't know why they tried to stop us from investigating this either."

"This is too strange# the local gang leader told me not to interfere with this, meaning that things are more complicated than they seem."

"This ties in quite a lot of people. Mian's family background, the massive fire at the health center back then, and Grandpa Yang's death are all very bizarre# Everything's connected to that case, many years ago# Plus, so many people died, so if your people went, they would probably die before getting any information. Therefore, I might as well look into this myself."

"But it will still be very dangerous." Rick was a bit worried.

"I have to help Mian find her family no matter what."

"But# what if her family doesn't want to find her, then what should we do? Have you ever thought about that?"

Rick's words made Qin Chu freeze for a second...

That's right, they've ignored this issue the whole time - Yes, Huo Mian wanted to find her biological parents more than anything, but what if her parents never wanted to find her?

If so, then what was the point of even looking for them?

What if her parents were as selfish as Huo Zhenghai? Wouldn't that break Huo Mian's heart?

"Let's# leave things the way they are for the time being." Qin Chu felt a bit tired; he leaned back on the sofa behind him and closed his eyes.

"Qin# you're different from when you lived in the States."

"How so?" Qin Chu asked without opening his eyes.
"You were cold and apathetic back then. Even my brother said that you were born to be a killer# because you have no pressure points. But, I've now realized that your only pressure point is also the biggest I've seen in my life# One Huo Mian is enough to kill you a hundred times."

Rick was right, if anyone wanted to deal with Qin Chu, then they would succeed as long as they caught Huo Mian.

"There's nothing wrong with having pressure points#" Qin Chu slowly spoke.

"You have barely noticeable sentiments in your eyes# especially when you're around Huo Mian. You seem to be very much in love with her."
"Huo Mian is my life. Without her, I wouldn't be able to live."

Rick knew what Qin Chu meant. To Qin Chu, Huo Mian was his mental support.

If Huo Mian was no longer around, then Qin Chu would be a walking corpse even if he stayed alive#

"That may be a good thing, sometimes I envy you." Rick smiled.

"You will meet someone like that to you as well."

"No thanks, those in my industry kill and fight, our lives in danger of ending at any moment# If I met someone that meant as much to me as Huo Mian does to you, then I would only be risking their lives by being with them."

"But# there are some things that you just won't be able to predict# Things won't be given to you only when you're all prepared. God is playful like that."

Then, Rick and Qin Chu looked at each other and smiled...

When Qin Chu left Seductive Fox, he originally planned to pick up Huo Mian at Sky Blessing Court.

However, he was surprised to see that Song Yishi called him.

"What is it?"

"Mrs. Qin can be discharged from the hospital now. She said that it was too boring here and kept insisting on going home. Can you come and see her?"

What Song Yishi really wanted to say was that 'she's your mother and not mine, shouldn't you come over now?'

"I got it."

Qin Chu drove to the First Hospital after his simple reply...

Song Yishi had already taken care of the discharge forms...

"Yishi paid for everything these past few days. I told her to use my card, but she wouldn't. Chu, you better thank her properly."
Mrs. Qin was intelligent today. She no longer cursed at Huo Mian; instead, she tried to get Qin Chu to place his attention on Song Yishi.

"How much was it, I'll transfer it to you right now." Qin Chu held up his phone.

"No, it's okay# this small amount of money is nothing compared to how well Mrs. Qin has treated me." Song Yishi refused to accept money from him.

"Send me your bank account number, I don't like to owe other people favors," Qin Chu said faintly...

Song Yishi slightly hesitated...

"Chu, how could you say that? Yishi isn't an outsider." Mrs. Qin was clearly upset with her son's indifference.

"It's fine, Mrs. Qin, I don't mind."

Song Yishi continued to smile gently as she always did...

"Bank account?" Qin Chu looked at her and repeated once again.

"Does it really have to be like this# between us?" Song Yishi was a bit disappointed.