Chapter 823: Taking Something That Belongs to Others (4)

"Jing Zhixin! You better believe me when I say I will slap you!" Huo Mian stared at this brother of hers in disbelief. How could he possibly think that she was having an affair?

"Hahaha, I'm kidding! Calm down!"

"Forget it. You're still a kid, you wouldn't understand even if I explained it to you." As she spoke, Huo Mian sat down carefully on the sofa.
Her mother walked out of the kitchen just in time with a bowl of soup in her hands.

"Mom, we both went for a check-up. We're both fine, so you don't have to worry about us anymore," Huo Mian held onto the bowl and said.

"You guys went today?" Yang Meirong asked happily.

Huo Mian nodded and said, "Yeah, my body is a little cold. The doctor said I will get better once I start taking some Chinese medicine."

"Chinese medicine? That's easy, your Auntie Wu and I used to go visit a traditional Chinese doctor all the time. All three generations of that family are traditional Chinese doctors, so they are very good at their craft. The oldest doctor is eighty years old, he's very good at feeling pulses. Rumor has it that he can determine the gender of the baby as early as two months just by feeling a pregnant lady's pulse."

"Mom, it's the twenty-first century, I can't believe you still believe this." Huo Mian couldn't help but chuckle.

"No, it's real! I've been there before! They cured your Auntie Wu's myocardial ischemia. Don't worry, I'll get some Chinese medicine for you."

"Mom, I'm a doctor too. Pathogenic cold in the body can be fixed easily with brown sugar and lotus seed. It's called food therapy. I don't want to take Chinese medicine, they taste terrible."

"Chinese medicine tastes bad, but it works! So, it's been decided!"
Before Huo Mian had the chance to say anything, her mother already made the decision for her.

Qin Chu drove his car directly to Seductive Fox...

He was planning to go and find Rick after eating with Huo Mian. But his wife's decision of going forward with the fallopian tube flushing had really angered him. It was, after all, a very painful procedure.

Seeing Huo Mian weak and feeble had brought on pain so thin and sharp that it found its way deep into his heart and vibrated there like a tuning-fork made of clear ice. He didn't want to watch her in pain a second longer, so, he came directly to find Rick to talk about the case they've been investigating.

Tang Chuan and Su Yu were on their way to Seductive Fox for a drink and were chuckling along merrily until they saw Qin Chu park his Maybach outside the building.

Ever since Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei got married, Jiang Xiaowei had successfully whipped Wei Liao under her belt. He rarely ever went out with his buddies anymore.

So did Su Yu. However, today was the exception, since Tang Chuan had just come back from traveling abroad.

"Huh, that looks like Qin Chu's car."

Su Yu glanced over at the Maybach with no reaction...

"So he likes places like this too, ha, and here I am thinking he is some kind upright gentleman. I am telling on him next time I see Huo Mian. I'm going to tell her that her husband comes to places like this behind her back!"

"Qin Chu and the owner of Seductive Fox are friends. You don't need to worry about it, they're probably here to talk business." Su Yu made sure he explained clearly.

"Bullshit! What kind of business can you talk about in a place like this? They're definitely drinking it up," Tang Chuan chuckled as he and Su Yu's groupies walked into a VIP room on the top floor.

On the other end of the building, in another VIP room, Rick and Qin Chu sat together, quietly sipping on tea.

Despite being French-Chinese, after all these years, Rick had become very accustomed to the Chinese culture.

He liked eating Chinese cuisine and drinking Chinese tea. Not only that, he spoke Chinese well and could understand many of the proverbs, idiocies, and phrases.

"Rick, you should... stop digging."

"What happened?" Rick stared back at Qin Chu.

"I will investigate things myself, it's too dangerous for your people to continue..."

"Isn't it more dangerous for you to do it alone?" Rick questioned.