Chapter 821: Taking Something That Belongs to Others (2)

Her question made Huo Mian feel more awkward than ever...

She couldn't say it facing the three or four gynecologists#

"Do you have a gynecological disease?" A doctor straightforwardly asked seeing that she couldn't speak.

Huo Mian waved her hands hurriedly...

"No, no."

"Then are you pregnant?" They knew that Huo Mian was married already, so another doctor asked.

Huo Mian gritted her teeth and said, "Actually, I wanted to check because I haven't been able to get pregnant ever since I got married."


Huo Mian chose to remain silent...

"Come in first, Doctor Huo."

Seeing Huo Mian's embarrassment, a doctor led her in.

"How long have you been married?"

"A little over 6 months. We got registered in April, and now it's almost November," Huo Mian replied.

"It hasn't been long, don't worry# Normally, we would only diagnose someone who was married for a year and a half to two years but had no success."

"But I feel uneasy, so I want to check it out, haha."

"What about your husband? He should get checked too, you can't be the only problem."

"My husband got checked and he was fine, so I think that I might be the problem," Huo Mian slowly said...

"Oh, if that's so, then let's do this. We'll do a preliminary gynecology checkup first and see if you have any severe gynecology diseases. Then, we'll do the bloodwork, check the numbers, and do a fallopian tube flush. That one's a little painful though, can you handle it?"

"No problem." Huo Mian nodded.

Just like that...

Huo Mian asked Department Director Li for a couple hours off and did a thorough checkup at the OB/GYN department.

In the end, the results showed that she had no illness and everything was completely clean.

Her blood test came back normal too, as were her numbers.

The fallopian tube flush made her suffer a little, and although she couldn't take any anesthetics, Huo Mian did it despite the pain.

The results were normal too...

The two tubes were both open...

"Doctor Huo, you have no problems, everything looks normal."

Finally, the doctor gave her a colored ultrasound and checked inside her uterus.

"How is it? Dr. Liu?"

She asked the older and more experienced Dr. Liu, who was in her forties and had a great personality.

"Your uterus is retro-positioned# It's more difficult to get pregnant than someone who has an ante-positioned uterus# So I suggest that during intercourse, place a pillow below your pelvis to increase the chances of impregnation."

Huo Mian had no words...

"Also, you have some congested blood in your uterus, it's a sign of a cold womb# it's harder for you to get pregnant, but it's not a big problem. You can take some Chinese medicine to manage your body."

"Okay, I will."

Nodding and walking out of the OB/GYN department, Huo Mian had a heavy heart...

During university, she always used cold water to hand wash her clothes during winter.

Huo Mian was a northerner, and whenever C City entered winter, the temperature dipped below -20 degrees Celsius.

It wasn't convenient to boil water at school, so she always used cold water, which may have caused damage to her body.

As long as it wasn't too serious, it wasn't a problem...

After flushing her tubes, her entire lower abdomen hurt from the swelling. Huo Mian slowly walked back to her office with the report in her hand.

Her facial expression wasn't great either, it wasn't easy for women to get pregnant.

With the increase of chemicals in plants and vegetables, many couples were left without children.

Some even attempted test tube babies...

The only hospital that offered such services was South Side Recuperation Centre, and it charged up to a hundred thousand yuan.

Apparently, the success rate was fifty-five percent, which was already very high...

When Huo Mian worked at the OB/GYN department at First Hospital, she took care of a mother who had a test-tube baby.

It was really hard for her, she grafted three embryos but only two survived.

As a result, she gave birth at seven months to a pair of boy-girl twins. The poor twins were pretty tiny and had to live in the incubator for an entire month.

If one didn't have children, they wouldn't understand the nobility of being parents. Many women treated their own mothers better after they became mothers themselves.

Qin Chu got off work pretty early today, so he drove over to pick Huo Mian up.

Then, he found out that his wife's expression was a bit pale, and her tone was a little weak.

"What's wrong? Are you not feeling well?" looking at the side of Huo Mian's face, Qin Chu asked.

"I'm fine#" Huo Mian forced out a smile as waves of pain faintly shot through her lower abdomen...

"I don't believe you." She couldn't hide anything from Qin Chu since he knew her too well.

"Tell me# What happened?" Qin Chu dominantly said.