Chapter 820: Taking Something That Belongs to Others (1)

"If I said no, would you believe me?" Xie Juan raised her head, the crow's feet by her eyes filled with tears.

She wasn't actually old, but she had been through too much these years, so she seemed to be quite elderly.

She wore low-quality clothes and ate low-quality food, her unsatisfactory life was all for her younger son.

One would be mistaken if they said she was heartless...

Maybe Ni Yang just had bad luck?

"If Shuai Shuai recovers from the surgery, I'll contact a local school for you and send him there, as for you# You should take some time to take care of Ni Yang. Although he's older now, his heart is still very fragile. If his depression relapses, he could have suicidal tendencies at any time. If you still have a mother's conscience, I hope you can treat him well."


Xie Juan wasn't someone who beat around the bush, she agreed to Huo Mian's condition.

Huo Mian was good at reading people, and she believed that Xie Juan agreed not just because it was their original deal.

Xie Juan truly felt guilty and wanted to make it up to Ni Yang.

Three hours later, the OR doors opened.

"How was it?" Huo Mian walked up, looked at the leading surgeon and asked.

"It was very successful, he will be taken to the ICU for twenty-four hours of observation, but he should be fine. From then on, he should stay here for about half a month to see if there are any signs of rejection."

"Okay, thank you," Huo Mian nodded and thanked the surgeons one by one...

They knew that she cared a lot about the child as well, so everyone tried their best.

Then, Shuai Shuai was pushed into the ICU.

"The surgery was very successful, we're waiting for the anesthesia to wear off now. He'll wake up, don't worry," Huo Mian slowly spoke and comforted Xie Juan.

Xie Juan looked at her younger son sleeping on the other side of the glass window, letting out a silent sigh of relief...

It was like unleashing burden that she had holed up in her heart for many years, and she suddenly felt as light as a feather.

At that moment, she did something nobody expected.

She turned around to face Huo Mian and knelt down.

"Ms. Xie, what are you doing?" Huo Mian couldn't be more surprised.

Without waiting for Huo Mian to speak, she kowtowed to Huo Mian three times.

Then, she nimbly got up and said, "I'm not sharp-tongued, I've never been to school, and I am uneducated. I don't know how to say this, but I am very thankful to you. You saved Shuai Shuai's life; you're our savior."

"Ms. Xie, I'm not as noble as you say# I have Ni Yang as my condition for saving Shuai Shuai."

Huo Mian never thought that she was noble, nor did she have a saint-like thought process.

She wouldn't go to other's aid as soon as she saw them suffer and didn't want the entire world to think that she was a philanthropist.

She agreed to help treat Shuai Shuai because of Ni Yang...

Ni Yang abandoned Imperial Star and signed with GK when GK fell into a crisis.

She will forever remember what he did for her and Qin Chu...

So, she really wanted to untie the knot in Ni Yang's heart. After finding Xie Juan and seeing what was happening, she couldn't just do nothing.

But one thing was for certain - she didn't do it because she wanted to be a nice person.

"I know# Even if you did it for Ni Yang's benefit, I am still grateful. Ni Yang and Shuai Shuai are both my sons. If you saved my son, you're my savior. I know that you're rich and don't care about that bit of money, and you have no use of me, but# I want to say that if I can't repay your mercy this life, I'll do it in my next#"

"Eh... Fine, fine, don't say that kind of stuff, even cheesy TV shows don't use these types of lines anymore, so you shouldn't either# Anyways, Shuai Shuai is fine now, you can rest assured. You can stay at the hospital for now. Call me if you need anything."

After speaking, Huo Mian turned around to leave...

Xie Juan felt really appreciative looking at Huo Mian as she walked away...

Sometimes, someone who accidentally appeared in your tragic life might change it forever.

The saying was true in the case of Xie Juan...

- Outside South Side's OB/GYN Clinic -

"Eh? Dr. Huo?" A few gynecologists greeted her one after another.

Huo Mian's promotion from head nurse to a neurologist and the fact that she got a perfect score on her medical exams had spread throughout South Side like wildfire.

Huo Mian was like a god at South Side...

"Ahem# Uh# I want a checkup."

"What kind of checkup?" a doctor asked.