Chapter 82: Grief

"Mom, I don't want to. Other than my last name, I have nothing to do with that family. Plus, I dislike that person."

Huo Mian only felt hatred towards her biological father, Huo Zhenghai, one of the ten wealthiest men in the city.

All these years, that man did not ask about them at all. He did not give them a single cent and acted as if they did not exist.

He did not even attend Uncle Jing's funeral, even though Uncle Jing was his chauffeur for ten years.

Such a heartless man did not deserve to be her father.

"Go back, I heard that your grandmother passed away," Yang Meirong said with a hint of sadness in her tone.

If there were one good person in the Huo Family, it would be Granny Huo.

She was an old lady who practiced Buddhism, and she moved out of the Huo Family years ago to live in a temple in Southern China.

Huo Mian had met her once. A driver took Granny Huo to see her once, and she bought Huo Mian some pretty clothes and gave her money.

But her mother did not take the money. Those were all things that happened ten years ago when Huo Mian was only a teenager.

Huo Mian's heart sank when she heard that her grandmother was dead. It was an awful feeling.

"You should go, just ignore the others. Your grandmother treated you quite well and visited you when you were young. You should go and see her one last time."

"Alright." After a moment of hesitation, Huo Mian finally agreed.

She walked up to her closet to find something black to wear to the funeral. But she suddenly realized that she had moved, and none of her black clothes were here. She only had work clothes and the white tee and jeans she was wearing right now.

Worried, she opened the closet and was immediately stunned by all the clothes inside...

There were dozens of outfits, all brand new with their price tags still on them. They were all luxury-brand clothes, each worth more than four figures.

Dresses, jeans, t-shirts, cardigans, jackets, shawls, evening gowns, everything that she would ever need…

LV, Chanel, Versace, DG, Dior, Gucci, Prada, Valentino…

Did he move the stores into her closet?

Huo Mian randomly picked up a tag; she noticed that everything was size S, which was her size.

Had Qin Chu prepared all this for her?

But why didn't he say anything? This guy…

After the shock, Huo Mian chose a black dress from the closet. She put it on, and the dress looked exceptionally good on her.

She took a taxi and after 40 minutes, she arrived at the Huo Family's mansion which was located in the suburbs.

From a distance, she could see a lot of black cars parked outside the door. It seemed like everyone was there to grieve.

Huo Mian slowly walked over…

"Excuse me, please show me your invitation." The security guard at the door stopped Huo Mian.

Huo Mian had never been to this home, so naturally, the security guards did not know her.

"I'm here to grieve for my grand--" Huo Mian did not get the chance to finish her words when she saw a black Maserati pull up by her side. Then, the car window rolled down.

Huo Siqian said to the security guard, "Let her through, she's my younger sister."

"Yes, Young Master."

The security guard opened the door, and Huo Mian walked in…

After Huo Siqian parked his car, he caught up to her and said, "I didn't expect you to come. I thought that the last thing you would do is come back to this home."

"Of course I didn't want to come. I'm only here to send my grandmother off for the last time, and it has nothing to do with anyone else," Huo Mian said coldly.

"Mian, you look beautiful today." After speaking, Huo Siqian did not wait for her response before heading towards the mourning hall.


Huo Mian looked at his figure and muttered, "Today is a day to mourn and grieve, is it appropriate to praise one's looks?"

Huo Mian always felt that Huo Siqian was quite odd, even though he was popular amongst women and well respected within the Huo Family.

Huo Mian also walked towards the mourning hall… everyone from the Huo Family was kneeling there…

Huo Zhenghai's wife, Jiang Hong, his mistress Shen Jiani, Huo Yanyan, and Huo Siyi were all present.

In the middle was her father, whom she had not seen in many years – Huo Zhenghai.

"This is…?" Huo Zhenghai looked at Huo Mian; he couldn't even recognize her.

"Dad, this is Huo Mian," Huo Siqian introduced.

Huo Zhenghai was dazed at Huo Siqian's words...

He had called Yang Meirong and invited Huo Mian to come, but he didn't realize that this child had grown-up so quickly.

Everyone looked over when they heard Huo Mian's name. Huo Mian, however, stood silently without a single hint of emotion on her face.