Chapter 819: Rubbing Salt Into Her Wound (10)

"No..." Xie Juan lowered her head in shame upon hearing Ni Yang's name.

"Ni Yang is very outstanding# He built up a fanbase through his own hard work. When he was a trainee in South Korea, he kept on dancing even when he had broken bones, he kept performing even though he had a fever, and he even tried his hardest on variety shows... It was hard for him to be by himself in a country where he didn't speak the language, and I'm glad that his hard work didn't go to waste# Ni Yang deserves to be a bright and outgoing boy, and he also deserves to be loved by many more people."

After hearing that, Xie Juan licked her lips, as if she didn't know what to say.

It was true that she cared very little for Ni Yang, even to the point where she completely ignored him...

Because she gave all her attention and energy to Shuai Shuai.

"To be honest, don't be surprised that Ni Yang hates you. If it was me, I would hate god's unfairness too# They are both your sons, and you carried both of them for nine months, but why are their lives so different? Although Shuai Shuai's health isn't great, he got all your love. As for Ni Yang, no matter how much money he has, it still can't fill the void you left in his heart# You might not understand how sad he is living alone in a several-hundred-square-meter house, you might not know how lonely he is eating by himself despite having countless fans, and you might not even know how many times he came home with an award but had no one to share it with# Celebrities are people too, once their halo is off, they're actually more fragile and needs more attention and care than a normal person# Ni Yang is still a child; he's a child who grew up alone, with no one to care for him."

Upon hearing what Huo Mian said, Xie Juan couldn't take it anymore...

Finally, she knelt on the ground and bawled...

"Yeah, he's my son too# Why did I have to treat him like that?" Xie Juan murmured to herself.

Huo Mian took out her phone from the pocket of her lab coat and opened a streaming site.

"He has a concert in A City today, a hundred thousand people are attending and you can stream it online, take a look."

While speaking, Huo Mian handed her phone over...

Xie Juan's hands shook as she took the phone and looked at the boy in the center of that stage.

He didn't have a flamboyant getup like the other stars, and he didn't have eyeball-grabbing makeup on.

He was so quiet, wearing a black jacket and jeans, and sitting on a barstool.

With a microphone in one hand, he just quietly sat there...

The lights dimmed with only a ray of light shining on him...

The hundred thousand people attending all held their breaths...

This was the last song of Ni Yang's concert...

Apparently, he wrote it himself but never published it.

"This song# is called The Lonely Bird."

Then, the music started...

Ni Yang held the mic, and with his unique voice, he sang like a hurt child.

"I once saw a bird fly through a blue sky by itself,"

I asked where its home was, it replied with panic.

It thought that its destination was somewhere far away,

But it didn't know that someday, it's bound to return home,

Though nobody was waiting for it,

It had to be brave,

Not everyone was born graced by the light of a mother's love,

It was just a hurt child,

In extreme pain, it licked its feathers, alone and sad#

It was just an orphan forgotten by God,

Even if it flew to the top, nobody would clap for it,

It didn't know how long it could last,

When it was tired of flying, it stopped in its steps,

It didn't know how many more places it could go,

If someday its life ended, no new chapters could be written,

Lonely bird, do whatever you wish,

Nobody cared about the sound of your song,

Lonely bird, your heart is already cold,

Let's fly together, fly to somewhere that only belongs to the two of us..."

As he sang the last line, Ni Yang slowly opened his eyes.

In his beautiful eyes were light bouncing off his welled up tears...

After ten or so seconds of silence, the venue was filled with thunderous applause...

"I love you Ni Yang, go Ni Yang..."

"Ni Yang, Ni Yang, you're the best! The Sun will always by your side!" That was his fan slogan.

Ni Yang's fanbase was called 'the Sun' and consisted of a bunch of girls with big dreams.

To be honest, this was the first time Huo Mian heard the song, but her heart was moved once again...

His lyrics were simple and the melody was sad, those who heard it could almost feel his life-ending pain and sadness...

Xie Juan held the phone, tears already streaming down her face...

Her son was already standing on a stage in front of a hundred thousand people, but he was still so unhappy...

"If you could go back in time, would you still abandon Ni Yang?" Huo Mian asked softly.