Chapter 818: Rubbing Salt Into Her Wound (9)

"Ah, okay." The person knew that it was a private matter and didn't dare to ask more questions.

They took it straight in and came out with the report after ten or so minutes.

"Doctor Huo, the results are here. Take a look."

Huo Mian grabbed it immediately, and seeing that everything was normal, she calmed down.

Mr. Qin would have been embarrassed to come in person, so she secretly got him checked up.

Since Mr. Qin was all right, was she the person with the problem?

Thinking about that made Huo Mian a little depressed...

"Doctor Huo, is this your relative's?"

"Uh# yes."

"Ah, that's fine. A lot of couples don't have kids these days, usually, the problem comes from the woman because it's common to have gynecological diseases. Also, a lot of girls don't respect themselves and have abortions very often, causing habitual abortions or something like a tubal blockage."

"Yes# Yes." Huo Mian forced out a smile.

Walking down the stairs, Huo Mian decided to do a thorough checkup at the OB/GYN department...

After all, If it was her problem, so she should start getting treated as soon as possible.

Though she didn't mind Mrs. Qin's words# she couldn't live her life without children...

Maybe Qin Chu didn't care if she got pregnant right now, but she could see how much he wanted to be a father.

Furthermore, when a woman deeply loved a man, she would want to bear his child.

That child would be the crystallization of their love...

She saw a TV show last year and remembered a segment of it clearly.

That man had a woman that he liked, but he had to marry somebody else to advance his career.

Then, the woman miscarried due to her broken heart, and that broke the man's heart as well.

Later, his arranged wife was impregnated, but the man had no reaction.

The arranged wife asked, "Don't you love children? Why aren't you happy that I am pregnant?"

The man calmly answered, "It's not that I don't love children, I just don't love you."

The woman had a sudden realization that his broken heart over the miscarriage wasn't due to his love for the child; rather, it was for the mother.

Qin Chu already spoiled her so much, so Huo Mian knew that he would probably spoil their children even more.

Then, Huo Mian went to the ICU and visited Shuai Shuai.

Shuai Shuai was getting his operation today at South Side.

The operation consisted of a doctor from their center, the First Hospital's director of internal medicine, and three assistants.

Director Wu seemed to take this operation quite seriously, and even called this morning and asked about it.

"Big Sister, I'm so scared# will I be in a lot of pain?"

Before the surgery, Shuai Shuai looked at Huo Mian with fear in his eyes...

"Don't be scared, it doesn't hurt# you're just going to take a quick nap# The doctor will give you a quick shot, and then you'll be asleep. When you wake up, you'll be healthy."

"Really? It only hurts as much as a shot?"

"Yeah, I'm not lying to you, so don't be scared."

After encouraging Shuai Shuai over and over again, she sent him into the operating room# while Huo Mian and Xie Juan waited outside...

Looking at Xie Juan's nervous face, Huo Mian comforted, "Don't worry, it's not a difficult surgery, and our doctors are very reputable, nothing will go wrong."


"Shuai Shuai is under general anesthesia; he won't feel any pain," Huo Mian added.

"Mhm." Xie Juan just kept on nodding.

She had been waiting so long for this surgery...

"Have you been in contact with Ni Yang lately?" looking at her, Huo Mian asked.