Chapter 814: Rubbing Salt Into Her Wound (5)

"How did she get hurt there?"

Qin Chu was calm as he asked this question; he knew his mother well and didn't need to ask to know that she went to cause trouble at Huo Mian's house.

This wasn't her first time#

"I don't know what happened specifically, and I would never lie# but I think Mrs. Qin went to Huo Mian's mother's house and they got into a fight. A lot of people were there# You know that a slum like theirs has a lot of neighbors and everyone came to watch, and I don't know what happened, but Mrs. Qin fell to the ground as she was walking out the door. She kept saying that Huo Mian pushed her, but I don't really believe her# Mrs. Qin is biased against Huo Mian, and I know that Huo Mian won't do something like that."

Song Yishi smiled#

In fact, that was why she was scary 每 she didn't insult the hell out of her rival, but rather tried her best to compliment them.

Qin Chu's mood lightened upon hearing Song Yishi exculpate Huo Mian, because he hated those who falsely accused her#

"How is she right now?"

"She's really agitated, and when she heard that she sustained a fracture, she said she was going to call the lawyers and media. I stopped her, so you should come in and see her."

Qin Chu nodded; then, he walked into the VIP room.

Mrs. Qin was eating a banana when her son came in; she immediately threw the unfinished banana onto the floor upon seeing Qin Chu.

Then, she covered her injured foot with her hands and began wailing, "Chu, my foot is killing me."

"Mom# what did you do at Huo Mian's house this time?"

"I didn't do anything# I just dropped by to discuss some stuff with her, but their attitude was awful, and they got their neighbors to come and chase me out. Huo Mian's brother was especially rude# He kept swearing at me and telling me to leave# Huo Mian also said a lot of mean things, and in the end, her mother instigated her#and she pushed me to the ground."

"Mom# did Huo Mian push you?"

"Of course she did."

"Mom, I'm going to ask you again, and you'd better think before you answer# If you lie to me, I will never forgive you again# Technology is really widespread these days, slums have surveillance cameras as well."

Mrs. Qin's expression changed drastically upon hearing what Qin Chu said#

She fell silent#

"Mom# tell me, was it or was it not Huo Mian who pushed you?"

Qin Chu interrogated with an icy tone#

He was so sick of his mother pushing all responsibilities onto Huo Mian#

There had to be a limit to slander, should there?

"It wasn't."

Mrs. Qin finally told him the truth; she was scared that her lie would unfold, and that Qin Chu would never forgive her.

After all, their relationship was quite tense already#

"I knew Huo Mian wouldn't have done that. I've known her for so long, so I know what she does and doesn't do more than anymore."

"Why isn't she pregnant yet then, huh? Tell me."

Mrs. Qin brought up the topic of children again#

Song Yishi stood awkwardly by their side#

"People don't get pregnant that easily, and it takes time. You can't blame her for it, this is between the two of us."

"I bet that she's sick and can't have children. Let me tell you, I will not let the Qin Family die with you."

"Mom# you're thinking too much." Qin Chu looked at his mother hopelessly.

"I don't care, if she doesn't get pregnant# I will not tolerate her, no matter what."

Mrs. Qin threatened#

"Even if she can't have children, I won't mind. I only want Huo Mian in this lifetime."

Qin Chu wasn't trying to piss his mother off 每 those words came from his heart#

Standing not far behind him, Song Yishi's expression dimmed a little#

She felt uncomfortable by what she heard#

"What are you doing? Are you doing this on purpose? Qin Chu# am I not still your mother?"

Mrs. Qin shrieked# she didn't understand why her son would be so deeply in love with that woman that he couldn't even think right anymore.