Chapter 813: Rubbing Salt Into Her Wound (4)

"What's wrong? Why was she hospitalized again?" Qin Chu frowned.

Previously, her mother kept threatening him by staying at the hospital, so Qin Chu was more or less a little annoyed by it#

The woman cried wolf so many times that no one believed her anymore.

The good thing was, Song Yishi was the one who called him this time. If it were the maid, he would've hung up immediately.

"Um# it's a little complicated, I'll tell you when you get here. I just helped her with X-rays# the doctor said it's a slight fracture."

"Slight fracture? Okay, wait there, I'll be right over."

Qin Chu knew that Song Yishi wouldn't lie#

Therefore, he didn't think about it too much and drove straight to the hospital#

On his way there, he called Huo Mian.

Huo Mian was helping her mother move, so Qin Chu told them to wait for him so he could join the housewarming.

Huo Mian nodded; she didn't say much about his mother getting injured.

Because she was super busy that she forgot#

"Mom# you should throw these old clothes away. They're so out of style, no one will wear them." Huo Mian chuckled.

"There's nothing wrong with these clothes, it's a shame to throw them out# You guys really don't know how to live#"

Then, Yang Meirong grabbed the old clothes from Huo Mian and put them away like they were some kind of treasure.

Zhixin smiled and said to his sister, "Mom plans to store them like antiques 每 once we have grandchildren, these clothes will become really valuable."

"Hahaha#" Huo Mian burst into laughter.

"What are you guys grumbling about?" curious, Yang Meirong asked.

"No# nothing, Mom, you do your thing, haha." Zhixin smiled playfully.

They were still trying to get used to the fact that they had just moved from an old shabby courtyard to a luxurious townhouse#

Zhixin was now the brother-in-law of a rich heir 每 he had a sports car and lived in a big townhouse.

"Sis, does this count as us riding on your success? Like the saying, when one man achieves the Dao, his poultry and dogs also go to heaven?"

"Seriously, where do you get all those sayings from?"

"Hey, Zhixin#" their mother suddenly said

"What's up, Mom?"

"Since we moved into a big house, invite Yue over for dinner when you're free."

Huo Mian could tell that Yang Meirong liked Huang Yue#

Compared with Mrs. Qin, Yang Meirong would make for a much nicer mother-in-law#

"Um# okay," Jing Zhixin answered vaguely.

Upon mentioning Huang Yue; Huo Mian remembered that she and Zhixin's problem was still left unsolved.

Therefore, she quietly pulled him aside, "Are you guys still like that?"

"It's worse than that, she doesn't talk to me anymore. A few days ago, she still occasionally replied to my WeChat messages." Zhixin smiled bitterly.

"I got it. When I go to the First Hospital for my meetings, I'll look for her then."

"Never mind, Sis# you're right, relationships are a two-way street. If she really fell in love with someone else, I won't be able to keep her."

Zhixin seemed to have thought through a lot over the past few days#

Huo Mian lovingly patted his head. "Don't think about it too much, maybe something's really going on with her."

"Okay, things have gotten this far already, there's no point in my thinking too much anyways# I'll wait."

Zhixin didn't seem to be obsessed over Huang Yue's sudden change in attitude anymore#

When Qin Chu arrived at the hospital, Song Yishi had just finished with his mother's admission procedures and was heading upstairs.


"You're here." Song Yishi smiled gently upon seeing Qin Chu.

"How's my mom doing?"

"Not too bad, she dislocated her ankle a bit and endured a minor fracture#"

"She was fine, how did this happen? Did she slip at home?" Qin Chu asked.

"No#" Song Yishi hesitated.

"Then where?"

Qin Chu became suspicious at her hesitation#

"The truth is# you might not believe me when I tell you this, but she got hurt at Huo Mian's 每 oh, no, Huo Mian's mother's house."

Indeed, Qin Chu was surprised by what he heard#