Chapter 812: Rubbing Salt Into Her Wound (3)

"Worse comes to worst, I'll just cut them up into pieces and feed them to dogs," Huo Mian then added.

Zhixin, "..."

"That sounds more like my sister."

"Haha, what is your sister like in your eyes? A domineering iron-lady?"

"Nope, a creepy murderer," Zhixin said as he ran away.

"Hey# you little scumbag, get back here! I promise I won't kick your head in! I can't believe you called me a creepy murderer, you sure have an imagination!"

After Mrs. Qin left, the atmosphere lightened up significantly#

After the neighbors consoled Huo Mian's family, they all went back to their own houses#

"Mian, come here."

"Mom#" Huo Mian walked up to his mother, whose face was pale from anger.

"That crazy bitch's words may be disgusting, but she has a point. You've been married for a while now, you guys should have a kid soon."

"I know," Huo Mian pouted.

"You work at a hospital, so it's easy for you to get a checkup. Go when you have the time. If there's nothing wrong with you# tell Qin Chu to get a physical."

"Um#" Huo Mian felt awkward.

"Just get a physical, if there's something wrong, we'll treat it. If not, then great."

"Okay Mom, I'll go."

"Okay, people will talk about you guys if you don't have children# even normal families are like that, let alone rich ones# That crazy bitch made me really uncomfortable by coming to our house# I'm not blaming you, but I do hope that you can get pregnant soon as well# It's not about your status in their family, but you're not that young anymore# You'll have to have children sooner or later."

"I know."

Upon hearing her mother's earnest advice, Huo Mian nodded again and again, without a word of protest.

"Sis# when are we moving? I'm so sick of her# Once we move, she won't be able to cause trouble again, because she won't be able to find us."

"No time like the present, let's move today."

"Today? Are you crazy, the day's almost over." Jing Zhixin was shocked.

Then, Huo Mian contacted C City's biggest moving company#

Two trucks came, and down came dozens of workers. Everything was packed up and ready to go within an hour.

Yang Meirong and Jing Zhixin kept turning their heads to look at the old house they had lived in for more than two decades#

"Mom# let's go, we have a new home now," Zhixin said as he held onto his mother's hand.

Yang Meirong wiped the corner of her eyes. "I wish your father was still here, then we'll be one big happy family. Back then, he took out a mortgage to buy this place, just so I had a place to call home# When I was young, I was vain and thought that I would only be happy if I married rich. Then, I met that bastard, Huo Zhenghai# Thank god I met your father in the end, whom I could rely on."

When they left the old house, Yang Meirong suddenly began to miss Jing De, Jing Zhixin's father.

During times like this, Huo Mian felt the guiltiest#

Because she always thought that Uncle Jing died because of her#

"Mom# don't say that anymore, Sis will feel bad," Jing Zhixin whispered in Yang Meirong's ear.

Yang Meirong immediately realized that she made a mistake; she wiped her tears and said, "Old people like to reminisce, let's go."

As they were leaving, the neighbors all came out to say goodbye#

"You have such a good life and daughter, who bought you a big house# Don't forget about us!"

"I won't, come and play mahjong with me when you have time." Yang Meirong smiled.

"We will, we will."

Just like that, Huo Mian drove her mother and Zhixin in her car, followed by the two trucks.

The trucks were filled with everything Yang Meirong owned; the truth was, they didn't need to take anything with them. However, her mother didn't want to throw anything away, especially Uncle Jing's stuff. Therefore, they ended up bringing everything to her mother's new home at Sky Blessing Court.

Sky Blessing Court was Qin Chu's gift to Huo Mian's mother; the decorations were luxurious, and Qin Chu even prepared a garden for his mother-in-law to plant fruits and vegetables in.

It was almost dusk when they arrived#

Huo Mian hired a cleaner while she and her mother began organizing clothes.

After Qin Chu got off work at GK, he was just about to call Huo Mian when he received a call from Song Yishi#

"Qin Chu, I'm at the hospital. Auntie Qin was admitted into the First Hospital, you should come to see her."