Chapter 810: Rubbing Salt Into Her Wound (1)

"Hmph# you sure picked a good time to come back. Come here, tell everyone if I'm wrong. How long have you been married to my son, huh? You won't let him come home and tie him to your bed every night. Yet, you still can't give me any grandchildren. How can you face the ancestors of the Qin Family?"

Originally, Mrs. Qin was fighting alone and almost ran out of the will to keep going#

However, Song Yishi's return to China energized her like a stimulant to her heart.

She immediately felt alive and went back to making Huo Mian's life miserable#

Huo Mian ignored her and walked right up to Yang Meirong.

"Mom# are you alright?"

"I'm fine, don't worry. I would never stoop down to her level."

"What kind of level am I on, huh? Explain things to me# you're the one as poor as a hobo. Not only do you hate rich people, how do you have the audacity to look down upon me? I must've done something wrong my last life to become in-laws with you."

Mrs. Qin became more agitated the more she spoke, and she began pointing her finger at Yang Meirong#

She completely disregarded how the people around her were going to see this and say things#

Yang Meirong had lived here for a long time, so she was pretty close with the neighbors.

Auntie Wu couldn't take it anymore and pointed her finger at Mrs. Qin, "So what if you have money? Poor people like us don't welcome people like you! Leave, right now!"

"Who do you think you are, and what gives you the right to talk to me like that? Do you know who I am?"

"I don't care who you are. Anyways# your words smell worse than farts# I don't even want to look at you anymore, I'm scared that I'll grow a sty."

Auntie Wu was an ordinary citizen, so her words were somewhat crude#

However, it felt good to hear her say it#

"Yeah, leave, you're not welcomed here." Jing Zhixin took Auntie Wu's side and ordered her to leave.

"Huo Mian# is this how you treat your elders?"

Mrs. Qin was unwilling to back down, so she pointed her machine gun back at Huo Mian#

Huo Mian poured a glass of water for her mother, whose expression was a little pale#

Then, she turned around to look at Mrs. Qin and said, "I've treated you with as much politeness as you deserve. I thought that you were someone who knew her place; after all, you received higher education and kept claiming that you were born to a prestigious family. That means you should be more careful of what you say and do# you shouldn't be yelling in front of other people like an old shrew."

"It's all because of you, you're just a chicken who can't lay eggs. You've humiliated the Qin Family."

Mrs. Qin's words were vicious#

No normal human being could tolerate something like that#

Huo Mian wasn't a god, she felt awful too#

However, unwilling to admit defeat, Huo Mian clenched her teeth and said, "Come on# We don't even know what's really happening right now. How can you be so sure that I'm the problem and not Qin Chu?"

"What? How dare you insult my son. He would never be infertile, you're definitely the problem."

"I wouldn't be so sure# I think that you've done more than enough evil as a person that even God wants to prevent you from having grandchildren# you should really watch yourself before you ruin yourself."

"How dare you try to teach me a lesson! Who the hell do you think you are?!" Mrs. Qin was furious.

"It doesn't matter who I think I am, the important thing here is who you think you are# You keep telling others to look themselves in the mirror, but your husband ran away from you, and your son, he didn't even let you attend the anniversary party in fear that you would screw everything up# Your rich friends don't even visit you anymore# I've never seen anyone else who failed as gloriously in life as you did#"

Huo Mian didn't want to say anything too harsh, but if she didn't, Mrs. Qin would never stop bullying her.

As expected, Mrs. Qin's face turned as pale as paper upon hearing what Huo Mian said#

She pointed at Huo Mian with trembling hands, "Oh my god# I can't believe that a little vixen b*tch like you# is trying to teach me a lesson."

"You should go, my family and I don't like looking at your face# Moreover, we don't want unhappy things to happen."

"Yeah, you should go. My head hurts when I see you."

Zhixin said this; he always wondered why his brother-in-law, who was such a great man, had a mother like her?

The neighbors were all on Huo Mian's side and pushed Mrs. Qin out of the courtyard#

Mrs. Qin's heels were too high, so she accidentally slipped on her way out#

She then crashed onto the ground#