Chapter 809: A Chicken that Can’t Lay Eggs (10)

"It's fine, I know that you did all that for us. But now that we know what happened, at least we don't come here looking for our granddaughter like idiots. Mian, since you've told us everything, we won't be bothering you now."

Then, the old couple got up#

Auntie Ning handed Huo Mian the dirty bag she had in their hand. "We brought this from the mountainside# they're just wild mushrooms and fern, we picked them and dried them for the winter. Since we didn't get to see either of them, take these, I hope you think they're good enough for you."

"No, Uncle, Auntie... I don't think they're not good enough for me, it's just that I feel bad, you guys went through so much effort in picking these out from the mountains, you should save these for yourself."

"No, it's okay, we don't have much else, but we do have a lot of these things# They're what city dwellers call 'organic products'. Take these, we still have a lot left."

Uncle Ning stuffed the bag in Huo Mian's hand against her objections#

"Uncle and Auntie Ning# let me drive you to the bus station, taking the bus there will take too long."

Then, Huo Mian drove the old couple to the long-distance bus stop and bought them tickets, some snacks, and some water.

Finally, Huo Mian handed Auntie Ning 3,000 yuan.

She rarely carried cash and usually used her credit card, so 3,000 yuan was all she had in her wallet.

"Auntie, take this and buy something for yourself and Uncle Ning. You need to take care of your health now that you're older."

"No, we can't take your hard-earned money."

"It's okay, just take it, Uncle and Auntie Ning# Truth be told# I have a great job, and I got married# My husband's well off, so I don't have to worry about money anymore# Zhiyuan's not doing well right now, but don't worry too much. I hope that he'll be able to get back on his feet soon. Take this money as my way of thanking you guys for everything."

Huo Mian could tell that the Ning Family really didn't want to take Huo Mian's money#

They kept trying to stuff the money back into Huo Mian's hands.

However, Huo Mian really wanted to give them that money, because she suddenly sympathized with Ning Zhiyuan's parents.

They worked hard their entire life for their son, yet in the end, they would never be able to see their grandchild again#

They couldn't fight Huo Mian's determination, so Uncle Ning took the money and carefully placed it in his pocket with trembling hands.

Then, he held Huo Mian's hand. "You're a good kid, the Buddha will look after you# We don't have much else, but we do have a lot of free-range eggs and wild mushrooms. If you're craving some, just drive over, and we'll provide you with as much as you want."

"Okay." Huo Mian smiled.

Then, she watched as the old couple got onto the bus and left#

Huo Mian really did feel bad; she liked how down-to-earth and benevolent Ning Zhiyuan's parents were.

It was a shame that their son worried them so much#

It was already 3 PM when Huo Mian got back to South Side#

Just as she was about to go upstairs, her phone began to ring#

"Sis# are you at work?"

"Yeah, what's up?"

"My brother-in-law's mother is here again# She's really annoying# and got into a fight with Mom again."

Huo Mian ran downstairs before Jing Zhixin even finished his sentence.

She immediately drove back to the old house#

Neighbors surrounded her mother's courtyard#

Qin Chu's mother came alone this time. She was wearing luxury-brand clothing and held an LV bag in her hand.

Mrs. Qin was cursing in the courtyard, and when Huo Mian came in, she heard a vicious comment#

"Your daughter is no more than a chicken that can't lay eggs. They've been married for a while now, but where's my grandchild, huh? Let me tell you# the Qin Family will not tolerate a daughter-in-law like her, if she can't have children, then get the hell away from my son. Don't go around every day arrogantly, posing as the Qin Family's young madam, who does she think she is?"

Huo Mian felt bad upon hearing what Mrs. Qin said#

"Sis# you're back." Zhixin immediately ran up to Huo Mian as soon as he saw her.