Chapter 808: A Chicken that Can’t Lay Eggs (9)

"Mian, are you hiding something from us?"

The old couple became even more suspicious upon seeing Huo Mian's hesitation#

"Auntie, Uncle, I'm not hiding anything from you. The truth is# I haven't spoken to Zhiyuan in a really long time, nor have I seen him. I really don't know what he's up to these days."

"Can you go ask Director Wu for us? I heard Director Wu is Xiaoxue's uncle, we don't want anything else from him, we just want to see our grandchild#"

The old couple looked at Huo Mian pleadingly#

Huo Mian felt awful#

"Mian# I know that you're a good kid, can you help your uncle and I out? We know that brat Zhiyuan did you wrong and didn't treat you well when he had the chance to. Can you call Director Wu for us, please? We went to his office, but his assistant didn't let us in. He wouldn't even see us," Auntie Ning said in grievance.

Director Wu was a very busy man who dealt with dozens of things a day, so it was normal for him to refuse to see people he didn't know.

Moreover, to the Wu Family, Ning Zhiyuan hurt Wu Xiaoxue so deeply that they didn't want to see people from the Ning Family ever again.

Huo Mian knew that Ning Zhiyuan had been fired, but she had no idea where he went.

In the beginning, she wanted to slight over the topic and get the old couple to go home first.

However, from what she was seeing right now, they weren't about to give up, even attempting to see Director Wu#

"Director Wu is a really busy man who's always on business trips. He might not be at the hospital."

"Mian# if you know what's going on, just tell us, don't keep anything from us. Even if we went home today, we're still going to come back. We miss our grandchild#"

Upon hearing what she said, Huo Mian remained silent for a couple of seconds#

Then, she slowly said, "Uncle, Auntie, don't come back again# Wu Xiaoxue already moved away."

"Where did she move to? Did she and Zhiyuan get in a fight? I need to apologize to her for Zhiyuan," Auntie Ning said anxiously#

"It's not as simple as that." Huo Mian really didn't want to tell them the cruel truth.

"Then what is it? Did they separate?" Auntie Ning probed.

"They didn't separate# They# got divorced."

Finally, Huo Mian told them the truth with much difficulty.

Auntie Ning almost fainted upon hearing what she said#

Uncle Ning's expression changed drastically as well#

"Oh my lord# why? They weren't even married for that long, why did they get divorced?" Auntie Ning began wailing in tears, completely disregarding the people around them.

"What about my granddaughter?" Uncle Ning's fingers shook as he grasped the wineglass.

"She and Xiaoxue went to the United States. Xiaoxue's parents went with them as well."

"The United States?" Despair flashed in the old couple's eyes.

Perhaps they knew that they would never be able to go to the United States in this lifetime#

"Then# what about Zhiyuan?" Uncle Ning asked again.

"I'm not sure either, I heard that he messed up during surgery for a cataract patient, and Director Wu fired him. He's not at the First Hospital anymore."

"How did things get to this?"

The old couples received multiple blows today 每 overnight, their daughter-in-law and their granddaughter left China, while their son got divorced, was fired from the hospital, and disappeared#

"How are we supposed to contact Zhiyuan? Should we call the police?" Uncle Ning sighed.

"Uncle Ning, I don't think anything would happen to Zhiyuan. After all, he's a grown man. I think he was just in a bad mood and needed some time to cool down# You're his parents, he will have to contact you at one point. If you call the police, they might make too big of a deal out of the situation and negatively impact Ning Zhiyuan. Perhaps he found a new job."

"You have a point#"

Then, Auntie Ning continued crying, while Uncle Ning fell into silence#

"Uncle and Auntie Ning, I'm sorry, I didn't want to keep all this from you. I was afraid to break your hearts."

Huo Mian felt terribly bad#