Chapter 803: A Chicken that Can’t Lay Eggs (4)


Even though Song Yishi detested the idea of dancing with Huo Siqian, she couldn't look displeased and had no choice but to accept his invitation.

Huo Siqian held Song Yishi's hands as they walked to the center of the dance floor#

Before that, Huo Siqian looked at Huo Mian profoundly, with a smile that didn't look like a smile# It seemed like he was trying to express something.

This was the first time in Huo Mian's opinion that Huo Siqian was this cute.

Indeed, he helped her get rid of Song Yishi#

Qin Chu had originally wanted to say goodbye to Mayor Song and leave, but the latter was in a good mood and kept talking business with him.

Therefore, he had no choice but to sit there listening to Mayor Song; he occasionally glanced over at Huo Mian, who was sipping champagne alone not far away from him.

Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei were supposed to come as well#

However, Jiang Xiaowei's period came, and she wasn't in the mood to leave the house. As a result, Wei Liao stayed with her.

Tang Chuan, on the other hand, was traveling abroad, leaving Su Yu all by his lonesome#

Su Yu sat across from Huo Mian; he had a wineglass in his hand and looked at Huo Mian lovingly from across the dance floor.

She sat there alone# quietly.

However, he couldn't approach her. After all, there were a lot of people here, and if rumors were to spread, Huo Mian may be affected.

Just then, two women walked by Huo Mian#

One of them said provokingly, "Hey, isn't this the rich Mrs. Qin? In order to get back at us for a grudge, she bought an entire caf谷# Now that I think about it, why did you have to do that? Everyone says you're a magnanimous woman, but isn't it going over the line, forbidding us from drinking coffee there?"

Huo Mian slowly looked up to see that it was the two women who were talking behind her back with Song Yishi the other day.

Enemies couldn't be avoided#

"I'm magnanimous, but it depends on who I'm with# My attitude towards you is based on your attitude towards me# If you failed to even pay me the tiniest speck of respect, then why should I be considerate towards you? You've got to be kidding me# I'm not God# why should I, at all times, forgive brainless people who don't think before they speak?"

Huo Mian had always been good at verbal confrontations#

That day, Huo Mian was fed up with their arrogance; they were about to chase her and Zhu Lingling out of the caf谷, only because they were gold card members.

'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' People should leave themselves some leeway. If they didn't make allowances for themselves, then why should she do it for them?

"Huo Mian, don't be so arrogant# Let me tell you, Yishi is back# and you'll start crying soon. You might not know this, but Yishi is Mrs. Qin's ideal daughter-in-law. Mrs. Qin made it really clear to the public, and she invites Yishi to the Qin Manor every single day. As Mrs. Qin's daughter-in-law, how many times have you been there? Not many, I suppose."

Huo Mian's gaze calmly brushed past them#

"Are you kidding me? Aren't married couples supposed to live their own lives? Getting along with the mother-in-law may be important, but what's the point of all that if you fail to get the man? After all, my husband's the one that sleeps in the same bed as me, not my mother-in-law# Plus, don't speak gibberish# Miss Song is a woman of high prestige# don't make her sound like a homewrecker# Qin Chu and I are married, so even if I die, I'm still his wife."

"Who in the world do you think you are? Men are all the same, they lose interest once they get you. The only reason Qin Chu married you is because he is still holding onto the days have gone by# once he loses interest, what does that make you? You'll become a sad grieving wife of a rich man, and no more than an accessory# Shi is from a powerful family, and she's really pretty. Sooner or later, she will defeat you, b*tch."

"Sure, I'll be waiting for that day#" Huo Mian smiled; she wasn't mad at all.

She suddenly realized something important#

Why would these people say all that stuff to her? Did they realize what Song Yishi wanted?

Did Song Yishi reveal something to them, or did she tell them to attack her?

Or else why would completely irrelevant socialites say all that to her? Plus, every single word they said made a lot of sense.

Those words weren't something that would come out of the mouths of a pair of brainless socialites#

At this moment, the wineglass in Gao Xue, one of the socialite's hand, suddenly slipped#

It smashed right onto Huo Mian's champagne glass#

The two glasses collided, and the glass broke instantly upon impact#

A cut appeared on Huo Mian's pearly hand# and the wound immediately began bleeding.

Su Yu saw everything as clear as day#

He forgot to think and instantly walked up to her#

"Are you okay?" he asked nervously.