Chapter 801: A Chicken that Can’t Lay Eggs (2)

Huo Mian nodded and flashed a smile at Mayor Song and Song Yishi#

"Hi, Uncle Song."

"Hi, I can't believe you finally brought your wife. You should've brought her to come to see us a long time ago# When I saw your father in the States this time, we even talked about you."

Unlike the serious-looking man he was on television, Mayor Song looked kind at this private gathering.

Perhaps it was because today was a different occasion#

Song Yishi wore a long, white gown, looking elegant.

She smiled at Huo Mian, "Thank you for coming."

"Don't mention it." Huo Mian smiled; neither of them brought up the incident the other day.

Song Yishi didn't seem to be angry either#

However, the more she was like that, the more worried Huo Mian got.

She preferred women who lived realistically. Those who put on a mask were harder to deal with.

Then, Qin Chu brought her along with him, as they greeted all the rich and powerful officials in the political sector.

She had a smile on her face the whole time; although she didn't enjoy socializing with people like them, she was Qin Chu's wife, and GK's young madam, so she was willing to compromise.

Then, Qin Chu and Mayor Song began chatting; Huo Mian, who didn't want to be of inconvenience, walked around the room alone, with a glass of champagne in her hand.

However, she came into a close encounter with Huo Yanyan#

The truth was, Huo Yanyan was more brainless than Huo Siyi#

Huo Siqian had previously taught her a lesson, but it seemed like she had forgotten all about it, especially after Su Yu threw his drink at her.

Therefore, she decided to vent all her anger on out Huo Mian#

"Huo Mian," she shouted impolitely.

Huo Mian turned around to see Huo Yanyan stomp towards her. She didn't say anything, because she was too lazy to deal with her.

"Huo Mian# did you talk smack about me in front of Su Yu?"

"Su Yu? How is he relevant?" Huo Mian was speechless.

"Don't lie, you must've said something to him for him to treat me like that# or else Young Master Su would never#"

"What did he do to you?" Huo Mian was curious; it was a miracle for Su Yu to even bother with Huo Yanyan.

"He# that's none of your business, anyways# it must've been your fault, how shameless are you# You have a husband, but you're still double dipping, you're a bitch, just like your mom."

"You make it sound like your mother was a chaste woman," Huo Mian said as she slowly sipped on her champagne.

The truth was, Huo Mian really didn't like to bring the topic of mothers into their conversation, but this woman, Huo Yanyan, kept mentioning her mother.

Thus, there was no need for Huo Mian to consider others' feelings#

"Whatever my mom does, it's perfectly justifiable#" Huo Yanyan refuted.

"Yeah# a perfectly justifiable mistress who managed to live under the same roof as the actual wife? What? Do you want me to ask Mayor Song to gift your mother with a 'best mistress' plaque?" Huo Mian said with a smile on her face#

"What did you say? Did you just insult my mom?"

"I'm sorry, allow me to interject. I think you brought up this topic first# I'm curious, can't you tell that I really don't want to talk to you? Why in the world would you come up to me and pick a fight with me? Do you get itchy if I don't curse at you? Or do you have the confidence to beat me in a fight?"

Huo Mian looked at Huo Yanyan hopelessly, as if she were looking at a dumbass#

"Do you think I won't slap you?" Huo Yanyan lifted her arm, but someone else grabbed it from behind.

Her arm was subsequently forcefully thrown off to the side#

Mayor Song and Qin Chu were talking when the latter was worried Huo Mian would be bored. He then turned around to see Huo Yanyan picking on her.

Upon seeing Huo Yanyan lift her arm up, Qin Chu immediately walked over#

"Honey, are you okay?" Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian gently.

Huo Mian nodded#

"Mr. Qin# don't be fooled by her# she's a calculating and manipulative bitch. After she married you, she was still restless enough to seduce Su Yu. Everyone in our circle knows about it, don't be fooled by her."

Huo Yanyan didn't filter her words, in an attempt to sow discord between Qin Chu and Huo Mian#