Chapter 799: Master Su’s Wrath for the Sake of the Beauty (10)

"Honey, tonight Mayor Song is holding a private reception for the return of his daughter, can you come with me?"

To be honest, her heart rested easy when Qin Chu took the initiative to invite her...

"Okay, I'll come to you after work."

"Mhm, I had someone prepare a gown already, come as soon as possible."


Hanging up, she suddenly heard somebody call her name.

"Doctor Huo."

"What's wrong?" Huo Mian was a little suspicious upon seeing Xie Juan running over, all out of breath.

"I just went to your office and they said that you're not at the Orthopedics Department anymore."

"Mhm, I'll be in Neurology from now on. If you need anything, come and find me there."

Xie Juan nodded and handed the black plastic bag that she was holding to Huo Mian.

"Doctor Huo, this is for you."

"What's this?"

"It's not that good, just something I made myself. It's the thought that counts."

After speaking, Xie Juan stuffed the bag into Huo Mian's hand and turned around to leave...

After getting to know her, Huo Mian discovered that Xie Juan may act like a rude shrew that also swore sometimes, but her heart was in the right place.

She knew that her son and his costs at the hospital were paid out of Huo Mian's pocket, and she felt very guilty.

It was also something that she accidentally heard Director Qi of the Internal Medicine Department say, so she had been working through the night to make something for her.

She had many blisters on her hands, but she still completed it in time...

Huo Mian curiously returned to her office in the neurology department and took out the thing in the bag.

At that moment, she was a little shocked...

It was almost fall, and the weather was becoming colder.

Many people started wearing scarves and gloves.

Ever since she graduated, Huo Mian stopped wearing these accessories because she found them childish.

Xie Juan gave her a set of milk-white winter accessories.

There was a long scarf, a pair of fluffy gloves, and a cute hat.

They were all the same color, and the stitching patterns were unique, but one could immediately tell that they were handmade since there were imperfections here and there...

But, it was really pretty...

It looked like she bought the wool and knitted it herself, needle by needle.

Huo Mian held her gift in her hands and felt the warmth in her heart...

She tried on the hat; it was warm and cute...

Who said that Xie Juan was a ruthless woman? She was nothing like that.

It looked like the end of the animosity between her and Ni Yang was just around the corner.

Two things made Huo Mian happy today; one was that she started work as an official doctor in the Neurology Department.

Director Li was overwhelmed with joy and kept informing her of this and that.

The second thing was that the First Hospital called and told her that they found a matching kidney.

A hospital could provide it, but they were asking for 300,000 yuan. The good thing was that was no longer a huge sum of money to Huo Mian.

She sent people to get it overnight and personally arranged Shuai Shuai's surgery.

Mayor Song's private reception was held at the Kempinski Hotel.

Gathered there were all types of rich people, and of course, Huo Siqian, Su Yu, and the others.

Su Yu came early and strolled around with a wine glass in his hand.

Near the balcony, Huo Yanyan was loudly talking to someone.

"That woman# don't be tricked by her appearance, she's a schemer# Think about it, how good could the daughter of a mistress be? She disowned her parents because she's got Qin Chu backing her up, she was so disrespectful to my dad# I can't believe how disgusting she is."

Su Yu understood some of it and realized that she was talking about Huo Mian...

"Ahem#" Su Yu softly coughed.

A few socialites turned around and were surprised by Su Yu...

"Young Master Su."

"Young Master Su," Huo Yanyan shyly greeted him.

"Huo Yanyan, right?" Su Yu opened his mouth.

"Yeah, that's me," Huo Yanyan coyly nodded as her heart filled with happiness.

"Come here," Su Yu beckoned her towards him with his hand.

Huo Yanyan thought she was dreaming, as she slowly walked towards Su Yu while holding her long evening gown.