Chapter 798: Master Su’s Wrath for the Sake of the Beauty (9)

The message was from Huo Siqian...

"What are you doing?"

Right as Huo Mian replied, she heard her office door open...

It was near silent and scared her.

"What are you doing here so early in the morning?"

Seeing Huo Siqian suddenly appear behind her shocked Huo Mian beyond belief.

"You heartless girl# Something as great as that had happened, and you didn't even invite me to your celebratory feast# You would rather invite Wei Liao than call me, yet I've taken such good care of you."

"How did you know that?" Huo Mian frowned slightly.

"Of course Director Wu would tell me something as big as your promotion, everybody knows about it. As the president of the Huo Corporation, of course I'd know, right? Did you think that I donated tens of millions to South Side for nothing?"

Huo Siqian smiled...

"My business has nothing to do with you, don't speak as if we have such a great relationship. We're allies at best. As soon as the old man falls, we'll immediately go our separate ways."

"Tsk, tsk# Sister Mian, are you thinking of burning the bridge?"

"No, the relationship between us can be described as mutualism. I am not burning your bridge, you're thinking too highly of yourself. "

"Alright, alright, even if what you said is correct, you still achieved your dream of being a doctor after so many years. Can't I be happy for you?"


After speaking, Huo Mian began packing up her office.

Director Wu had officially announced that as of this moment, she was no longer the head nurse of the Orthopedics Department.

She was going straight to the Neurology Department to be a consulting doctor, working directly under Department Director Li.

From now on, she was Ni Yang's official physician.

"Are you free tonight? Let's have dinner, it's my treat."

Huo Siqian gently looked at Huo Mian with a hand in his pocket.

"I'm not free, I have to spend time with my husband."

"It's okay if you leave your husband alone for a night, right?"

"Even so, I wouldn't choose to spend time with you," Huo Mian downright declined.

"Fine# but apparently, your husband is going to Song Yishi's banquet tonight, if you're going, I'll go as well, since we're there for fun anyway."

"What banquet? What Song Yishi?" Huo Mian was unusually sensitive upon hearing Song Yishi's name.

After rejecting Song Yishi's request for dinner that day, the latter had remained silent, causing Huo Mian to think that she might be angry...

"She's Mayor Song's daughter who just came back to the country. The mayor's really happy and planned a private reception. A lot of famous people are going even if they don't want to, since it's to please Mayor Song anyways. The mayor watches over Qin Chu so much, even giving him rights to the most valuable land in the city, so of course he would need to go."

Huo Mian fell silent...

"Didn't he mention this to you?'

"I never ask about his work."

"Oh, fine, then pretend that I didn't say anything."

Huo Siqian finished speaking and began walking out. A few steps in, he suddenly remembered something...

He walked back and picked out a string of baby's breath from the lilies.

Then, he put it on Huo Mian' head...

"Mhm, this isn't half bad. It looks good."

After speaking, Huo Siqian walked away...

Huo Mian felt like she had been struck by thunder, how old was she? Why would she wear flowers on her head, and baby's breath of all flowers?

Huo Siqian was a creep, right?

Holding her personal items, Huo Mian slowly walked out of the Orthopedics Department...

At the door were five nurses...

Nannan could be counted as a long-term employee, and their eyes were filled with tears...

"Head Nurse# we are going to miss you..."

"I'm not quitting, I'm just moving upstairs." Huo Mian smiled.

"Head Nurse, you have to come down and see us every so often."

"Of course, I'm busy for the first few days, but afterward, I'll treat everyone to a feast."

She left the Orthopedics Department and was walking up the stairs when her phone suddenly rang...

Looking down, the caller ID showed Qin Chu.