Chapter 794 Master Su’s Wrath for the Sake of the Beauty 5

She received the maroon book from the professor and slowly opened it.

On it were Huo Mian's name, sex, date of birth, level of education, and her resident ID number.

On the other side was the name of the profession exam as well as her scores.

Profession: level one neurology.

Theoretical knowledge: 100.

Technical Skills: 100.

Comprehensive knowledge: 100.

Score: Excellent.

Right below her results was a red stamp from the Social Security and Occupational Skill Identification Center; it was very flashy.

"So I am a doctor now?" Huo Mian asked, looking up excitedly.

"Congratulations on your certificate, Doctor Huo Mian. You're now a first-level physician of the First Hospital's Department of Neurology."

The proctor looked at her and said, word for word...

"Thank you, professors. Thank you, Director," Huo Mian sounded like she was holding back her tears.

Being a doctor was her childhood dream...

Once, she thought it was unachievable.

But now, her dream came true...

On a normal day like this, she held the red book like it was proof that her persistence all these years had been worth it.

She didn't have to be scared of others saying that she, a mere nurse, was crossing levels and performing surgeries.

Because she was now a real doctor...

"Focus on your work from now on… try to be the best in your field," Director Wu encouraged her.

"I will."

"Good, I'll treat you guys to a few drinks. Thanks for all your hard work, my old pals."

Director Wu had a good relationship with those people, but they were all stubborn to their bones.

It was impossible for them to give her a green light just because she knew Director Wu, especially since they worked in the medical industry.

If she was not qualified and they still gave her a certificate, they would be harming others and herself.

However, Huo Mian's excellence left everyone speechless.

Especially Director Wu, who was sincerely proud of Huo Mian...

"Director Wu, let me treat you and the professors."

"It's fine, you should go back, there's someone more important waiting for you."

Director Wu laughed...

Huo Mian knew that Director Wu was talking about Qin Chu...

"Okay then… I'll take a raincheck and treat everyone another day."

When Huo Mian walked out, she thought that the world had become more beautiful...

She took a deep breath and took out her phone.

Good, now, it was the time to test her acting skills...

She laughed in her head.

The video call went through...

Qin Chu was in the office and his gaze immediately turned warm when he saw Huo Mian.

"Honey… how was it?"

"Honey… I didn't pass."

"Hmm? That's impossible." Qin Chu obviously didn't believe her. From what he knew about his own wife, a small test like this wouldn't be any trouble to her, right?

"I'm being serious… those teachers heard Director Wu say that I am a genius, so… they gave me an additional challenge."

"What question couldn't you answer?"

"Corpse dissection."

Qin Chu was speechless.

He fell silent upon hearing this...

"Were they purposely going hard on you. Does a neurologist even need to be tested on corpse dissection? It's totally unrelated."

"I don't know either. Anyways, it said failed on the results… the teachers told me to not be discouraged and try again next year."

"Okay… don't be sad either, honey… we don't need you to make money for our family anyway."

"But I like being a doctor, waah… I can't believe I didn't pass."

Huo Mian lowered her head and fake cried...

Qin Chu's heart ached, and he immediately began comforted her, "Honey, don't cry. It's just a doctor license, right? You don't have to do that, it's too tiring. How about this, I'll talk to Wu Zhongxing and let him make you the director of South Side, what do you think?"

"Uh… would Director Wu really do that?"

"I can donate a hundred million yuan to South Side."

"Honey… that's too capricious..." Huo Mian had no words.

Donating a hundred million yuan just to be a director? She would only do that if her head had been kicked by a donkey.

"It's alright, don't be sad. Come and find me at the company now, and I'll take you out for something good."

"Okay, then wait for me."

Huo Mian smiled, having gotten her way and happily drove to the GK Headquarters.

Right as she entered the office, Qin Chu swept her off the ground and held her princess style...

"Ahh… what are you doing? Put me down."

"Where's your qualification certificate, take it out and show it to me."

"Uh… I didn't pass, where would I get a certificate?"

"Pretend, keep pretending…" Qin Chu pecked the corner of her mouth lovingly.