Chapter 793 Master Su’s Wrath for the Sake of the Beauty 4

"Mhm." Huo Mian sincerely nodded.

"This kid… I'm speechless," an examiner exclaimed.

"Professor, is there something wrong?"

"What's wrong is why it's too perfect… you really didn't study medicine before?"

"Teacher, I graduated with a nursing degree. I'm a nurse and I've been a nurse this entire time," Huo Mian said truthfully.

"You really are incredible..."

The professors exclaimed one after another. They've been in the medical field for many years, and the fastest dissection that they had seen was the professional forensic technician employed by the city bureau.

He took thirty minutes and even applied for the record time within the country...

As for Huo Mian, under their supervision, she used thirty-two minutes, and her technique was perfect.

"Child… if you haven't had much experience, then this is pure talent."

An examiner said in a deep tone to Huo Mian...

"So… professors, have I passed?"

"Go out and wait for a bit. We'll go over your scores today and give you a reply in a bit."


Huo Mian nodded, walked out, and sat down to wait on the long bench in the front foyer.

Because it wasn't a standardized test, she didn't have to wait for them to officially announce the score.

A few experienced professors could go over the scores and announce it on the spot...

When they were about to announce her score, Director Wu's car stopped outside the door.

Director Wu walked in with his assistant...

"Director Wu."

"How was it? Was it okay?"

"Thanks to you, everything went smoothly." Huo Mian smiled.

"Why are you here?"

"The director here called me and told me that they're announcing your score today. I happened to be passing by and came to check up on you."

"Thank you."

Huo Mian was really thankful for Director Wu's help and support.

Although he indeed looked after Huo Mian partly because of Qin Chu, Director Wu was somebody with principles.

They waited for about half an hour.

Huo Mian and Director Wu had nothing to do and chit-chatted...

Towards the end of the day, they saw a few professors and the proctor walk out.

"So? How did Huo Mian do?" Director Wu seemed to be more nervous than Huo Mian.

The teachers smiled but remained silent...

"Did she pass?" Director Wu nervously asked.

The grading of the doctor's exam was different than school exams, they didn't count the score.

They separated it into either a 'pass' or a 'fail', as simple as that.

If she passed, she could be a doctor, and if she failed, she could take another test or give up.

Huo Mian stood up nervously...

She wasn't as knowledgeable in the field of neurology as she was in gynecology or neurosurgery.

She chose this area purely due to interest...

When she worked with Jiang Xiaowei to treat Ni Yang, she found out that the country's approaches to treating depression were lacking and flawed.

So, she thought that she may have potential in this field.

"Director Wu, you have to treat us to some Maotai," an old man, who was close with Director Wu, joked.

"So, Huo Mian passed?" Director Wu was in a great mood.

"Not only did she pass, but you might not believe it if I told you that… she passed with perfect scores in every subject. She didn't simply pass, she excelled."

"She got perfect in everything?" Director Wu was somewhat shocked.

"Mhm, and for our additional dissection, she finished perfectly in thirty-two minutes, with no mistakes or accidents to speak of and surprisingly fast speed. She is a unique existence."

Then, the professors couldn't help but clap…

The applause was for Huo Mian...

"Wu… where did you find this girl? She's so talented that it's surprising," one of the main examiners asked.

"I knew that I wasn't wrong about her." Director Wu wholeheartedly laughed.

"Huo Mian, are you going to come here and get your certificate?"

The proctor waved the red book in his hand...

Huo Mian excitedly walked over, step by step...