Chapter 792 Master Su’s Wrath for the Sake of the Beauty 3

Huo Mian nervously followed the worker in...

The exam lasted from the morning all the way to the afternoon. She only had an hour for lunch.

Huo Mian only drank some water and had a couple bites of bread.

She was there the entire day, and her phone was on silent too; she didn't want to take any calls.

Because this was of utmost importance to her and she didn't want to be distracted...

At three in the afternoon, the proctor brought Huo Mian into a freezer in a somewhat secluded corridor.

A few examiners looked at her with caution.

"Have you dissected a corpse before?"

"Mhm, I did it when I was in school, but not by myself. I did it alongside many classmates."

"Have you performed a dissection on your own?"

"Not yet."

"Then do you know how long it takes to dissect a corpse?" the proctor asked.

"I know it's usually between one to three hours, someone more skilled could also take less."

"Good, then you can start now, I have a male corpse here and I want you to do a thorough dissection."

"Uh… Professor, can I ask you a question? I'm being tested for neurology… it seems unrelated to human dissection."

"Yes, but Director Wu told us that you're a genius. The other examiners want to see what the genius Director Wu recommended is like, so this is an additional test. But, you can also choose to give up."

Huo Mian fell silent after hearing that...

They've already said everything, and if she gave up now, it'll be like a slap to Director Wu's face.

The major directors from the First Hospital and South Side worked hard to send her here; this opportunity was unprecedented and once-in-a-lifetime.

If Huo Mian didn't give it a try and gave up now, she would be letting everyone down.

So she nodded. "I'm not going to give up, I can do it."

"Good, then you can start now."

After speaking, the proctor walked out… and the timer began…

With a bright glass wall separating them, Huo Mian pulled on her white gloves in the freezer.

On the other side of the glass were four examiners and one proctor...

The five of them sat there like stones and watched as Huo Mian dissected the corpse...

They were very close to her and could see everything clearly.

"Can the little girl do it? What do you guys think?" one of the professors asked.

"I can't say… she doesn't look like she has enough years of experience, so she might not be able to finish such a hard task."

"How long did those kids testing for internal medicine take to finish?"

"About two hours and twenty minutes, which isn't bad."

"She used to be a nurse, and she only came across dissection once at school. She might not be able to finish, so I think we're being too hard on her."

"Didn't Director Wu say that she was a genius? Shouldn't she show us what she's capable of?"

The professors seemed to disagree with each other.

Some thought they were being hard on Huo Mian, and others thought she should display her talents. Otherwise, how would they know if she was actually a genius?

As the professors discussed amongst themselves...

The door to the dissection room opened...

Huo Mian walked out, "Professor, I'm finished."

"You finished dissecting?" the examiners looked at her in disbelief.


"God, it's only been thirty-two minutes..." the proctor looked at the timer in his hand and thought he was going crazy.

"Do you not know the steps to dissection? Are you just messing with us?"

A medical professional mockingly looked at Huo Mian...

"You can check." Huo Mian didn't want to argue, as they would understand as soon as they saw the corpse.

The glass was transparent and she had no way to cheat...

The professors rose and walked in. Huo Mian took off her white gloves and washed her hands in the sink outside.

She was extremely calm...

"This is quite unbelievable," the main examiner said.

"Did she really do it by herself? It's perfect." Another teacher was filled with surprise.

What did they see? In just thirty minutes, a corpse was perfectly dissected without a single flaw.

"Huo Mian."


"Did you really do this?" After the fact, some of them still didn't believe the truth that was lying before them.