Chapter 790 Master Su’s Wrath For the Sake of the Beauty 1

"Of course, if you can't forgive me, it's fine too..." Song Yishi said with a wronged tone.

"I didn't mean that."

"Then let's meet tonight at eight, at the Chinese restaurant at Hilton Hotel."

Before Qin Chu could reply, Song Yishi hung up...

At that moment, Huo Mian just happened to open the door and walk in.

"Honey, where've you been? My calls couldn't go through."

"Ah… I was just calling the design team, we were talking about the cafe's renovation."

"I heard that you lavishly bought thirteen stores today?"


"Are you really opening the biggest cafe?" Qin Chu looked at her.

"Of course not, I won't make too much money from it. Why would I do that, I'm not retarded…"

"Then you…?" Qin Chu really wanted to ask what she planned to do with the thirteen stores.

Then, he heard Huo Mian say, "I thought about it, out of the thirteen stores, two will be combined to be a cafe, three will be branch stores for GK Jewels… I looked into the area, and there's actually a lot of foot traffic, and we don't have any jewelry stores nearby. Two stores will be combined to become a hot pot restaurant, the traditional old Beijing copper hotpots. It's almost winter, the business should be able to have a great start. Two other stores will become bookstores, located right next to the cafe. There are lots of schools nearby, so it's a good business opportunity. We'll renovate it to be a bit more comfortable and high-class, so the kids who won't be buying books can still quietly read and study there. Three stores will be photography studios, we can provide photography services to our artists and charge others who wish to have their photographs taken; it's hitting two birds with one stone. Finally, the last two stores will be an "ancient times" themed bar… it'll be decorated like ancient China and be open twenty-four hours a day. We'll hang lanterns at the entrance too, I'm sure the atmosphere will be amazing."

After Huo Mian finished speaking, Qin Chu was dumbfounded...

"What's wrong with you? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Honey… you really are a genius."

Qin Chu heard Yang say that out of the thirteen stores there, only the cafe was thriving. The other stores, like the toy stores and clothing stores, were basically half-dead and weren't having good sales figures.

It had been less than half a day since his wife forcefully recalled the storefronts, yet she planned out everything. She was truly one-of-a-kind.

He could understand her idea behind the bookstore, jewelry store, and hotpot restaurant.

But what the hell was with that bar?

Did she want to drink whenever she wanted from now on? Was she crazy?

Qin Chu rubbed his nose and said, "Honey, let's not open a bar. It's not profitable."

"Who said that… the bar will definitely be profitable. We'll be a special bar. Rather than selling beer or red wine, we'll only sell baijiu. I decided to import the traditional kind of baijiu from the south, like Red Daughter, Green Bamboo, et cetera… Oh right, also the baijiu from the story where Wu Song got drunk and went to fight a tiger, the one called 'three bowls and one can't cross the mound', I'm sure this place will become very popular."

Qin Chu was speechless...

"Honey, do you support me?"

"I'll support you, as long as you don't secretly drink there," Qin Chu said.

Huo Mian randomly became a landlord after arguing with those socialites.

She even personally planned thirteen storefronts...

What was more strange was her actions made the headlines of the entrepreneur's paper the very next day.

The title was "GK's Brilliant Young Madam Recalled Thirteen Stores to Create a Luxurious Shopping Strip".

When Huo Mian came back from work, she was quite tired and was just about to head upstairs to shower… when Qin Chu said, "Oh right, Honey, Song Yishi wants to treat us to dinner."

"Treat us to dinner? Why?"

"She said she was very sorry about what happened today, and she wanted to apologize to you."

"Please… it didn't have anything to do with her today, why would she apologize to me? It's so strange…"

"Then are we going or not?" Qin Chu wanted to ask for Huo Mian's advice.

Out of his expectations, she took out a coin and said, "I'll let fate decide."

"You're flipping a coin?" Qin Chu had no words.

"If it lands on heads or tails, it means God doesn't want us to go," Huo Mian smiled.

Qin Chu was speechless.

"If the coin stands up, then God wants us to go."

After speaking, Huo Mian tossed the coin into the air...