Chapter 79: Punishment

Qin Chu gave him an hour but Rick was there in 20 minutes.

A red Ferrari parked in front of GK headquarters and a tall man wearing a black leather jacket stepped out of the car.

His presence caused a buzz at GK as his strikingly handsome Chinese-French features attracted everyone's attention.

- Inside the office of the president -

"Hey, Qin Chu, it's been a while."

"Have a seat," Qin Chu said as he walked over to the wine cabinet and poured two glasses of red wine. He then handed a glass to Rick.

"You must've called me for something important. What's up?"

Rick asked with a smile as he swirled the glass in his hand.

He had known Qin Chu for many years. Even though they rarely contacted each other, they had a close relationship.

Friendships between men were different from that of women. Men would not get together for tea or afternoon shopping.

But when it was needed, they would always appear.

Rick's mother was a French aristocrat while his father was a local entrepreneur. Of course, his father was only an entrepreneur on the surface.

Their family owned a five-star hotel chain and the most luxurious club in the city – Seductive Fox.

In fact, Rick's family was technically a part of the mafia - a high-class mafia, that looked normal from the outside.

Qin Chu sat across from Rick and looked down at the glass of red wine in his hand. Then, he slowly said, "Hongtai Logistics Company, Wang Li, male, 32 years old."

"You want me to kill him?" Rick asked, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Qin Chu shook his head…

"Last night, he drove a truck outside of the city hospital and intentionally tried to hit someone. There must be someone behind him. I want you to help me find out who sent him."

"What should I do after I find out? Kill them all?"

"That's not necessary. I will make them wish they were dead, and let them have a taste of their own medicine. Anyways, I don't want any loose ends."

Qin Chu was very worried about Huo Mian's safety. After pondering, he decided to ask Rick to solve the problem.

"Okay, leave it to me."

"Thank you." Qin Chu nodded thankfully when he saw how loyal Rick was to their brotherhood.

"Don't thank me. You helped me resolve my older brother's issue back in the States. You can let me know whenever you need me," Rick said as he drank up all the red wine. He then got up and patted Qin Chu's shoulder.


"Oh yeah, what did this guy do to you that you had to ask me to settle it?" Rick was quite confused. Qin Chu could take care of a small problem like this in a matter of seconds, so why did he ask the violent mafia to intervene?

"Because… they almost hurt the person I care about the most," Qin Chu answered slowly.

"The person you care about the most? Oh, I get it, I see how it is. It seems like you two are back together now, congratulations." Rick smiled before turning around to leave.

Anyone who knew Qin Chu for many years would know that there was only one woman that Qin Chu cared about.

- First Hospital -

During Huo Mian's lunch break, while she was drinking water in the lounge, the terrifying scene from yesterday suddenly flashed before her eyes.

If Qin Chu had not pulled her away, she would be dead.

That huge truck was traveling very fast, even though there was a sign outside of the hospital that prohibited cars from speeding.

But that person still did. Was it as simple as drunk driving?

In the past, Huo Mian would not think too much about it. But after refusing to settle, the lawyer, Mr. Luo did threaten her a few days ago.

Huo Mian was worried; Mr. Luo's warning was already very clear.

Her ignoring what he said didn't mean that they wouldn't take actions against her.

It seemed like they had taken action...

Huo Mian's hand curled into a fist. She thought to herself, this society is so unfair.

They were in the wrong - it was their son who was driving drunk and hit the others. However, they refused to accept punishment and openly terrorized the family of one of the victims.

If she were run over yesterday, the traffic police would treat it as an ordinary traffic accident. Huo Mian would receive compensation of a few hundred thousand yuan, and the matter would be put to sleep.

At that thought, Huo Mian felt her a chill down her spine…

Then, her phone rang…

"Where are you?" Qin Chu's magnetic voice sounded over the phone.