Chapter 789 The Battle of the Celebrities 10

"Most likely. I saw that the young madam was quite enthusiastic, she recalled all the storefronts in that row."

Yang calculated in his mind that if GK charged a rent of 5 million yuan per storefront since that row of storefronts was located at the prime strip, then 13 storefronts would make them sixty-five million yuan annually.

"Okay, help her with whatever she wants to do."

Qin Chu didn't ask too much since Huo Mian had her reasons behind everything she did...

Then, this incident slowly spread around the circle...

- That night -

Tang Chuan and Wei Liao went to Su Yu's estate for drinks, and they purposely brought up what happened.

"I heard that Huo Mian flexed today."

"Mhm, they said that she recalled thirteen storefronts and gave word she'll be opening the biggest cafe in the city."

"Cafe? What is she trying to pull this time?" Su Yu was a little stunned.

Then, Tang Chuan, the big mouth, retold everything according to what had happened, even adding some personal touches to make it more lively.

Upon hearing what happened, Su Yu fell silent...

"She really is a weird girl, so high-key about opening a cafe."

"So… from now on, can we stop spending money on coffee? After all, we all know Huo Mian really well, right?" Tang Chuan joked.

"You're thinking too much…" Wei Liao looked at him and quietly said.

"Don't you have to stay with your doctor tonight?" Su Yu looked at Wei Liao, who rarely came out for drinks these days.

"The doctor is working overtime at the City Bureau, and she asked me to pick her up at 1 AM."

"Oh, oh, oh? So you can't bear to be alone?" Tang Chuan dirtily laughed.

"Shut it… what unbearable loneliness, I'm just drinking and talking about life with you two. Isn't this great?"

Su Yu leaned back onto the recliner with a beer in hand, and he looked up into the starry sky...

He seemed to be way less outspoken than before...

"Big Boy Yu… do you want to go to Rio? The Olympics are about to start, and all the countries sent representatives to Brazil. We should go too, no? They say that Brazilian women are very enthusiastic and have big boobs!" Tang Chuan was extremely interested.

"No… you guys should go."

"I'm not going either, you should go," Wei Liao immediately added.

"Damn… can we still have fun from now on?"

"Yu… what's your plan for the rest of the year? You're not going to travel abroad to take a break?"

"No, I am going to focus on the company. I can't let GK ride on my head," taking a sip of alcohol, Su Yu said.

"Good job…"

The three chit-chatted until late into the night...

When Qin Chu returned home from work, he found to his surprise that Huo Mian wasn't home yet.

Hmm? Strange, wasn't his wife on break today? Why wasn't she home at this hour?

He held up his phone and dialed her number...

"The number you have dialed is busy now, please try again later"

The line was busy...

Just then, Song Yishi called…

"Qin Chu."

"What's up?" Qin Chu didn't really want to have too much contact with Song Yishi, as it made him feel quite uncomfortable.

She was a highly intelligent woman, but she kept trying to remind Qin Chu what happened when they were young.

Qin Chu didn't like being led around, so he instinctively avoided her.

"I did something wrong today, and it made Huo Mian unhappy."

Qin Chu heard bits and pieces of the incident since Zhu Lingling mentioned in their WeChat group.

It wasn't about Song Yishi, as she had not said one single negative thing about Huo Mian from start to finish.

Furthermore, she wasn't Huo Mian's friend, so it was normal for Song Yishi to not have defended her. Huo Mian didn't blame her anyways.

Why was she apologizing now? What was she apologizing for?

"It wasn't your fault… It was those people that were trying to start a fight."

"But, Huo Mian seems to have misunderstood me, she was furious… and even bought the cafe," Song Yishi said.

"My wife is like that, her thoughts are wild and come from everywhere. Don't worry about it."

"How about this, I'll treat you and Huo Mian to dinner, okay? Consider it as my apology."