Chapter 785 Battle of the Socialites 6

"Because I never showed myself… I'm actually an introvert who isn't that good at expressing my feelings… When I went to see you, I watched as you walked the school grounds, ate hamburgers in the school cafeteria, played basketball by yourself, or sat there lost in thought …"

The truth was, Song Yishi was heartbroken upon seeing Qin Chu…

She didn't show her face for one simple reason – Qin Chu had gone abroad to mend his broken heart after a breakup.

She wasn't sure if he would like her, so she could only quietly watch him from afar…

She wanted to wait until they were both back in China, so she could create a beautiful chancing encounter…

However, to her surprise, Qin Chu came back so quietly; not even her father knew about it.

Of course, no one knew that he got married; he had secretly obtained his marriage certificate…

Him getting married completely messed up her plans…

But now, her visiting him in the United States for 7 years was no more than a story that wasn't worth mentioning…

Qin Chu suddenly had no idea what to say, because he didn't know what Song Yishi's motives were.

"Ha… I'm a stubborn person, aren't I? My parents always told me that I'm not good at expressing myself, even with really good friends… Growing up, I always thought you were the cutest friend I had… so I always wanted to see you again… Now… we finally met again, and the truth is, nothing else matters, and I'm just really thankful… I'm grateful for the time we spent apart. It's great that we get to see each other again as friends."

Song Yishi was very vague in her words…

Qin Chu was puzzled – what did she want to say?

She reminisced, called him a friend, and talked about the past…

Upon seeing Qin Chu's silence, Song Yishi pointed outside the car window. "I used to love that amusement park. I loved riding the merry-go-round, but I was too much of a chicken and didn't have the courage to. I still remember that you pushed me up and scared me half to death. Even today, I still remember that fear."

"When I was young, I used to be so bold and outrageous… but now, I'm just a chicken…" Song Yishi mocked herself.

Before Qin Chu said anything, she suddenly asked him, "If Huo Mian never appeared in your life, would you…?"

Qin Chu's phone began to ring before she had a chance to finish her sentence…

"Honey," he said gently; for a split second, Song Yishi was so sad that she almost burst out in tears.

"I need to drive Yishi home first, I'll pick you up in a bit."

Qin Chu didn't hide the fact that Song Yishi was on his car; perhaps this was his method of drawing boundaries with her.

"What were you saying?" Upon hanging up the phone with Huo Mian, Qin Chu tilted his head and glanced at Song Yishi.

"Oh… I was saying, you and Huo Mian must be happy together."

"Yes, the best years of my life were spent with her."

Qin Chu didn't evade her question at all…

After he dropped Song Yishi off, Qin Chu drove to the barbeque restaurant.

Huo Mian, Jiang Xiaowei, and Wei Liao were still eating.

"Honey, come here, this barbeque place is delicious… I ordered you their classic barbeque squid."

Huo Mian intimately wrapped her arms around Qin Chu's as he sat down.

Qin Chu froze for a second upon seeing Wei Liao. Then, he glanced at the cutleries on the table.

There were only three sets, it seemed like Su Yu wasn't here…

"President Qin, is she expensive to maintain? She ate so much, even more than me." Jiang Xiaowei laughed as she glanced at Huo Mian.

There were a bunch of kebab sticks on the table.

"She is really expensive." Qin Chu chuckled.

"I'm worth it, okay? I may cost a lot now, but it means that you're investing and stocking up the shares. I'm a stock with high potential…"

"Fine, Dr. Huo, I hope that you can become Norman Bethune… and go down in history," Jiang Xiaowei joked…

After they ate for a little while longer, the four of them left the restaurant. As soon as Huo Mian got into Qin Chu's car, she quickly said, "Mr. Qin, please listen to your question."

"Please ask." Qin Chu cooperated.

"It's dark outside, so why was the goddess who looks like Lin Chiling in my husband's car?"

Qin Chu, "…"

"The 3-second countdown begins… now."