Chapter 783 Battle of the Socialites 4

Huo Mian picked out the barbeque items she wanted to order as she replied, "Nope."

"You sure are a badass…"

"I shouldn't be greedy. Heaven already blessed me with the best man on earth, why would I pay attention to someone else?"

Then, Huo Mian handed Jiang Xiaowei the menu. "I ordered some, order what you want, but not too much. We shouldn't waste food."

Jiang Xiaowei truly liked Huo Mian as a friend…

Everything she did made you feel comfortable…

Girls today relied on their looks to juggle multiple guys at the same time.

But, it wasn't something to be encouraged, because girls needed to love themselves first in order to be loved…

As an old saying goes, 'Things that people fight over at supermarkets are usually for sale, and the cars with spare tires were usually old and used'.

A truly outstanding woman didn't need people to fight over her, or spare tires. To her, one was enough.

Huo Mian was right; people shouldn't be greedy. The heavens had already given her the best, so who else would she ever need?

After receiving his wife's WeChat message, Qin Chu was no longer in a hurry to get off work…

He worked until 6 PM, and as he was heading out, his father called.

He felt bad for his father; to prevent his mother from causing a scene at GK's anniversary party, his father instead decided to go to Hawaii and skip GK's 30-year anniversary.

GK was his father's life's work…



"How's the company?"

"Everything's good."

"What about T City?"

"We've reorganized the company there and made adjustments to the projects. You don't have to worry."

"Don't overwork yourself… you may be young, but health is what matters."

"I know, Dad, how are my uncles?"

"They're all doing well. I play golf and drink coffee with them every day, and sometimes we go mountain climbing. I feel like I've gotten younger here."

"That's good." Chu nodded.

"Chu… how's your mother?"

They've been married for years; even if Mrs. Qin acted as extreme as she did, Qin Yumin still had her in his heart.

Older generations never say what they mean…

"I haven't been back recently."

"Chu, everything your mom did was for you. She may be a little over the top sometimes, but we can't hold that against her. After all, she's your mom…"

"I know."

"She gets lonely when I'm not at home. You should go visit her more often. She still hasn't accepted Huo Mian, so don't bring her with you, it's better that way. We can talk about the rest down the road."


"Okay then, go on with what you're doing."

The phone call from his father was his attempt to get Qin Chu to go see his mother. After all, she lived in that big mansion alone, without the company of her son and husband. Anyone who lived like that would be in a bad mood.

Huo Mian was having dinner with Jiang Xiaowei, so Qin Chu drove back to the Qin Manor.

"Young Master, you're back."

The maid immediately greeted Qin Chu upon seeing him…

"Where's my mom?"

"She's upstairs with Miss Song, let me call them down."

"Miss Song?" Qin Chu wondered.

The maid ran up the stairs. "Mrs. Qin, Young Master is back."

Mrs. Qin came downstairs… standing behind her was Song Yishi, who was wearing a long, dark blue dress.

"You're finally willing to come back?" Mrs. Qin seemed to be mad at her son.

"I passed by a dessert shop and bought some of your favorite." Qin Chu placed a box on the table.

"At least you have a conscience." Mrs. Qin's attitude changed upon seeing the desserts her son bought her.

"You guys talk, I'll be going now."

"Wait… are you leaving? You just got here. We haven't eaten yet, stay for dinner," Mrs. Qin said domineeringly.