Chapter 780 Battle of the Socialites 1

"I knew that your news isn't as up to date as mine, none of you guys know that Mayor Song's daughter came back to China, right?" Tang Chuan asked mysteriously.

Su Yu shook his head… he never paid much attention to Mayor Song, let alone his daughter.

"That's normal, she hasn't been back in more than a decade. I heard that she has a house in Italy… Mayor Song and his wife stay there for a few days every year, but a few days ago she suddenly came back for no reason. Plus, I heard that she's really close with Mrs. Qin, and visits her almost every day… so I was thinking, why would a young and pretty single woman maintain such a good relationship with Mrs. Qin? Plus, the latter doesn't like Huo Mian to begin with, so I'm thinking…"

Tang Chuan stopped before he finished his sentence…

However, Su Yu fully understood what he wanted to say…

"Apparently, she looks like Lin Chiling. I was really curious and wanted to check her out, but it's too bad that this socialite rarely appears out in the public. If it weren't for some of her close friends, I wouldn't have even known. She came back to the country in such a low-key manner, almost comparable to Huo Mian…"

Tang Chuan was just talking casually, comparing the two people…

But, Su Yu was unhappy…

"Not just anyone can compare with Huo Mian."

"Right, right, Huo Mian is the prettiest, and the most low-key, okay? I misspoke, haha."

Tang Chuan knew that Su Yu was obsessed, so he didn't bother arguing with him…

"So… Young Master Su, if the two of you team up, you'll have much more of an advantage, even a solid wall will crack… I know a girl who's close to her, do you want me to introduce her to you? She likes Qin Chu, and you want Huo Mian. You guys can combine forces."

"No thanks… liking Huo Mian is my business, whether I can get her is irrelevant."

Then, Su Yu got up and left…

Tang Chuan hopelessly shook his head…

Ever since Young Master Su fell into the whirlpool of love, he became more and more righteous… He was not even as flashy as he used to be.

He was always so considerate of Huo Mian's feelings…

But did he really not want to consider teaming up? Song Yishi was a powerful ally.

If she were a mistress, then she would be the most powerful mistress on this earth…

Could Huo Mian handle her…?

- Next morning -

The first thing Huo Mian did after she arrived at South Side was to visit Shuai Shuai, who was in the ICU.

Xie Juan spent every waking minute taking care of her child; Huo Mian was very considerate, and she made sure that the ICU was suited for their needs.

The ICU had a kitchen, bathroom, shower stall, closet, and cabinet. The beds of patient's families were very comfortable too.

However, Xie Juan didn't seem to have gotten any rest last night, as she looked haggard.

Huo Mian looked at Shuai Shuai's chart in the morning; he wasn't on the brink of death, but his disease was still serious…

When she came into the room, Xie Juan was feeding Shuai Shuai congee…

It was pumpkin congee that looked homemade and there were also two hand-pulled pancakes by the side.

"Shuai Shuai…"

"Hi, Big Sister." Shuai Shuai remembered Huo Mian.

"How do you feel today?"

"My legs hurt…"

Huo Mian carefully lifted up a corner of his blanket and saw his swollen thighs caused by his nephrosis. The sight shocked her.

"Don't worry, you'll be getting surgery in the next couple of days, and then you'll get much better."

"Really? Will I be able to play soccer afterward?" Shuai Shuai asked after he took a sip of the pumpkin congee.