Chapter 78: Premeditation

"Brooo, what are you doing in the middle of the night?" Gao Ran was only semi-conscious on the other side of the phone.

"That's all. I want the info by tomorrow morning." Without waiting for Gao Ran to reply, Qin Chu hung up.

- The next morning -

When Huo Mian woke up, she was surprised that Qin Chu was still at home. For as long as she could remember, he would always leave the house before seven.

Seeing him so early in the morning caused her to look away in awkwardness.

Especially because Huo Mian's face was unwashed, and her hair was messy.

"You're not at work yet?"

"Mhm, there's not much to do today." Qin Chu sat at the dining table and was reading an economics newspaper.

On the table were two servings of breakfast...

They were western dishes again...

To be honest, Huo Mian was a little tired of western food...

But he made it out of good intentions, and if she didn't eat it, it would seem a bit insincere.

"You… you seem to like western-style breakfast?" Huo Mian slowly asked.

Qin Chu put down the newspaper, looked at her and replied, "I don't know how to make Chinese food."

Huo Mian was speechless...

No wonder he always made western-style breakfast, and spaghetti and steak for dinner; he had no idea how to make Chinese food.

"Ahem, I'll cook from now on."

"No, I'll find a maid."

"My food isn't horrible, trust me," Huo Mian explained.

"I didn't marry you so that you can cook. I don't need my wife to do anything, just do whatever that makes you happy."

"Uh…" Huo Mian really wanted to tell Qin Chu that doing so would spoil her and make her arrogant. However, those words didn't seem appropriate as their relationship was a little weird.

"Is your injury better?"


"Remember to keep it dry."

"Mhm." Qin Chu nodded.

"I'm done, I'm going to get ready for work."

"I'll drive you."

Huo Mian stalled for twenty minutes, but when she came out, Qin Chu was still waiting for her.

He drove Huo Mian to the hospital in his low-key Volkswagen CC before going to the GK headquarters.

It was rush hour, and many employees saw their boss drive a Volkswagen CC with their own eyes.

At first, some people thought that the car belonged to Assistant Yang, but their jaws dropped when their boss came out of it.

Someone quietly muttered, "What fashion trend is the president trying to pull? If my eyes are right, that's a Volkswagen CC, not some expensive luxury car."

Another replied, "Maybe the president is planning to cooperate with Volkswagen. Are we manufacturing cars again?"

"I don't think so. Perhaps the president got tired of luxury cars and wanted to try something new. I think that's it."

"Or maybe the president wants to give the car to one of the departments as a bonus?"

The employees gossiped while Qin Chu went about his day...

- Inside the president's office -

Qin Chu was reviewing documents when Gao Ran called.

"Did you find anything?" He asked.

"Of course, your bro is the captain of the criminal police squad, and I don't get paid for nothing. I found it, I found so much that it's scary. The car almost hit someone yesterday in front of the hospital, and I took a look; it was you and Huo Mian, right?"

Gao Ran asked nosily...

"Get to the point, where did the car come from and who does it belong to?"

"The car owner is Wu Shikai, owner of Hongtai Logistics Company, but he's out of the city. The driver yesterday was one of his employees. His name is Wang Li, 32 years old, unmarried, an alcoholic, with a criminal history of petty theft, and seems to be a bad person overall. I don't know why he would appear in front of the hospital last night, maybe he was drunk," Gao Ran analyzed.

"Impossible, he wasn't drunk, it was planned. He was there to kill Huo Mian."

"Why would he kill Huo Mian?" Gao Ran was surprised, how could a girl like Huo Mian have created enough hatred with someone to warrant a planned murder?

"Let me investigate the rest. Talk later." After speaking, Qin Chu hung up.

"President Qin, the meeting is in ten minutes," Assistant Yang reminded him.

"Cancel the meeting, I have something important to do. I won't be seeing anyone this morning or signing any documents."

"Yes sir." Knowing the president's personality, Yang immediately let the other staff know.

Qin Chu picked up his phone, and he hesitated for a moment before dialing a number.

"Rick, I need your help. Come to the GK Headquarters in an hour." Hanging up, Qin Chu walked up to the French windows in his office, looking at the traffic outside with an icy expression...

Someone dared to harm Huo Mian; they must be out of their minds.