Chapter 776 You Two Should Team Up 7

"I'm not going to help you for free, I'm not a saint. I do have conditions," Huo Mian spoke each word slowly.

"What are your conditions?"
"Be a good mother, be Ni Yang's mother. Be the mother you were supposed to be, apologize to him, beg for his forgiveness… and then take good care of him and make up for all these years you owe him."

"What?" Xie Juan was a bit dumbfounded.

"What? Is it too difficult and you can't do it? If you can't, then I don't have anything else to say to you. I wouldn't care about that little son of yours at all, we'll just let fate do its work."

Huo Mian stood up to leave after she spoke…

Xie Juan immediately got up and stopped Huo Mian…

"Don't leave. I'll agree to all of your conditions as long as you can save Shuai Shuai."

Huo Mian looked at Xie Juan with hints of pity…

"They're both your sons, and they both came out from you. Why are you so harsh on Ni Yang, but so kind to the other?"

No wonder Ni Yang had depression, anyone else would go insane if they met this woman…

They were both her sons, what was with this drastic difference?

"I… I have my own difficulties as well…" Xie Juan changed up her fierce shrew-like image, as tears flashed in her eyes.

"How about this, you should consider it first, and then decide whether you want to agree to my terms."

"No, I can give you an answer now. I agree to your terms, please admit Shuai Shuai into your hospital immediately, okay? I already can't handle the burdensome fees anymore… many of the hospitals won't even accept us, we don't have any other option left… If I did, I would never go looking for Ni Yang," Xie Juan started crying as she spoke…

"Don't cry…"

"No, I beg you, please save Shuai Shuai. He is only thirteen years old; his life hasn't even started yet."

Xie Juan kneeled down to Huo Mian as she spoke…

This was something that Huo Mian didn't expect. She thought that Xie Juan was just an unreasonable shrew.

The truth was she was, but she was still willing to discard all her dignity for her younger son…

"Please get up…"

"You must save Shuai Shuai." Xie Juan hugged Huo Mian's leg emotionally.

"I will definitely save him, as long as you do what I asked you to."

"I will, I will do every, even if you use my kidney. I'll agree to anything."

"Okay, get up first, then we'll talk."

"No, I want Shuai Shuai to be hospitalized right now; I'm afraid that it'll be too late."

Xie Juan cried very miserably and didn't look like she was faking at all…

Huo Mian helplessly agreed to her first, and then drove to where Xie Juan lived.

She lived near a recycling station towards the north end of town. In a 40 square meter bungalow, Huo Mian saw Xie Juan's younger son.

This boy was also Ni Yang's younger brother of the same mother; his name was Sun Shuai.

He was only thirteen years old, but he already looked incredibly worn out and pale as he laid on an old and used futon.

"Mom… you're back?" He forced out a hint of a smile.
"Shuai Shuai, this lady is from the hospital, she said that she had a way to save you. We've come to pick you up to go to the hospital."


"Yes." Huo Mian nodded as she smiled at the little boy.

"I've already made the call, and the hospital's ambulance will be here soon. I'll arrange for him to stay at South Side Recuperation Center, conduct a series of check-ups, and then find him an appropriate donor, and we'll perform the surgery soon."

"Okay, okay, do whatever you need to save Shuai Shuai."

"Mom… did you sell all of the pancakes today?" asked the little boy.

"I did, this lady bought everything." Xie Juan forced a smile.

The little boy looked at Huo Mian with an innocent gaze.

"Miss… you really are a good person."

"No, I'm not a good person, I just like your mother's pancakes."

Huo Mian began to feel a bit bad for them…

She originally felt very sympathetic to Ni Yang's experience, but then she saw how unbearable this home looked and how empty it was.

Inside this forty-square-meter space, bottles and cans were piled all around and a smelly stench filled the air.

The blanket on the little boy's body was pitch-black, and green moss covered the corners of the wall.

"Where is Shuai Shuai's dad?" Huo Mian suddenly asked.