Chapter 775 You Two Should Team Up 6

"I represent Ni Yang."

"Ha… are you his agent? That's not right, you're not that old woman, did he switch agents?"

Xie Juan smiled… and that smile carried hints of disdain…

"You don't need to know who I am. I came to talk to you about Ni Yang today."
"Sure… what about?" Xie Juan asked as raised her greasy hand, held up the coffee, and took a sip.

"What would it take for you to leave him alone?"

"Five million," She raised five fingers without any hesitation; talk about an ambitious demand.

"He… you sure can ask."

"What? Ni Yang is very famous right now… he earns way more than five million with a single endorsement deal, I don't think it's a lot."

Xie Juan seemed to think that she was being very reasonable….
"Mrs. Xie, I would like to interrupt you for one second. Let me ask you, did you really give birth to him?"

"Of course." Xie Juan's eyes flashed for a bit.

"Hehe… then I'm very confused. Since he's your son, then why would you do that to him? Not even a fierce tiger goes for its own children. You're a mother, why would you treat your own son like so?"

"What's wrong with what I'm doing? I'm only asking him for money. He is wealthy, and he should show filial piety towards me anyways… I carried him in my womb for ten months back then."

"You're right, ten months in your womb… The process a mother goes through to give birth to a child is very painful, but what did you do after you gave birth to him? Have you ever held yourself responsible for him? Did you just think that you laid an egg, just to let him die and live on his own?"

"I…" Xie Juan didn't expect Huo Mian's tone to change all of a sudden and mock her like so.

She found it a bit difficult to respond at once…

"Have you ever taken care of him, after you gave birth to him? Back then; you selfishly pursued your happy life and ran off to be with your new husband with your younger son. You left him with that alcoholic father to be beaten up until wounds covered his body… Where were you as a mother when he was so hungry that he nearly fainted? Where were you as a mother when he was about to be beaten to death by that violent father? Where were you when he was chased out by his aunt and was left wandering on the streets? Where were you when he crawled into Internet cafes overnight and lived filthier than a beggar?"

"I…" Xie Juan suddenly couldn't say anything, because she didn't know how to respond.

"So you can't answer? Very well, let me answer it for you… when he suffered from the cold and hunger, you ran off with your new lover, and you no longer cared about the pain your other son was going through… So what gives you the audacity to say that you're his mother right now? For better or for worse, at least you're a forty-something woman, do you have no shame?"

"Huh… how could you say things like that, little girl? How am I shameless… I still gave birth to Ni Yang, no matter what you say. There wouldn't be him if it weren't for me… If I chose to get an abortion back then, would there be the idol star that you have today? What a joke… I just wanted some money… do you have to humiliate me? What's wrong with you?"

Xie Juan's accent carried hints of an odd pitch…

It was because she was born and raised in the countryside, so she had a thick rural accent…

"There's a great saying, 'if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best?' You left Ni Yang during his most difficult days, so now you don't have any right to enjoy all that he has, even if you're his mother. You don't deserve to be called 'mother', after all that you've done."

"Did you come looking for me just to scold me? Who do you think you are? I don't have the time to talk to you. Don't think that just because you gave me a thousand yuan, you can scold me all you want. I'm not going to put up with all this."

Then, Xie Juan stood up to leave…

"I can cure your younger son."

Huo Mian's nonchalant words immediately stopped Xie Juan in her steps…

"He has uremia and needs a kidney change, right? It's easy, I have a way."

"You can save Shuai Shuai?" Xie Juan looked at Huo Mian in disbelief.

"I work at South Side Recuperation center, and I know Director Wu of the First Hospital, what do you think?"

This was the first time that Huo Mian felt incredibly proud when she said her occupation …

Xie Juan's expression changed when she heard the words 'First Hospital' and 'Director Wu'.

"Don't try to fool me, you little girl, or else I'll fight you."

"I'm not trying to fool you. A kidney transplant isn't difficult. As long as there is an appropriate kidney, your son can get surgery right away."

"But why would you want to help me?" Xie Juan wasn't dumb, and she looked at Huo Mian cautiously.

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