Chapter 772 You Two Should Team Up 3

"What happened?"

Huo Mian hurriedly asked when she saw Yingzi.

"You should go check up on him, he went out earlier this morning and came back like this at noon. He won't talk to me, and I don't even know what happened. He was like this when his condition was at its worst, and it was frightening..."

Yingzi knew that Huo Mian was an experienced neurology medical professional, so she called Huo Mian at once.

Huo Mian nodded. "Okay, I'll go inside and take a look. Don't worry about it too much."

She walked to the second floor and found that the door wasn't closed all the way. She knocked on the door, but no one responded.

She slowly walked inside and saw that Ni Yang had crawled into a corner.

He wrapped both of his hands around himself, which was a very self-protective pose as if he had to do this because harm had been inflicted onto him.
Ni Yang's state has been quite stable recently, how did this happen all of a sudden?

"Ni Yang…" she softly called him.

He didn't respond. Instead, he sat there absentmindedly, and his eyes stared forward in trance.

"Ni Yang, I'm Sister Huo Mian."

He responded a bit when he heard that it was Huo Mian…

He slowly raised his head, while his expression remained pale. "Huo Mian… tell me, why would she treat me like that? If she hated me, then why did she give birth to me? Why would she do that to me?"

Huo Mian seemed to have realized something when she heard what Ni Yang said…

"You went to see her?"

The 'her' Huo Mian mentioned was Ni Yang's mother, Xie Juan.

Huo Mian had looked into Ni Yang's family background. His father had already passed away…

Both his paternal grandparents lived in the countryside, but they weren't very healthy. However, she couldn't reach his maternal grandparents at all.

The only person she could reach was the aunt who brought Ni Yang up back then, whom he hardly ever saw nowadays.

In Ni Yang's perspective, they were all endlessly greedy creatures.

Now he only had a mother, Xie Juan, who abandoned Ni Yang when she became pregnant with someone else's kid.

After she left home, she formed a new family with someone else, but then that man ran off with another woman.
She was left on her own now and lived with her other son, who suffered from a serious illness.

Her work seemed very tiring, as she sold sausages and hand-pulled pancakes at a breakfast stand.

She looked for Ni Yang several times to ask him for money right on the spot. Ni Yang refused, and she even threatened to expose their own family scandal.

Later on, she only stopped when Ni Yang threatened to kill her little son…

Why would they end up seeing each other all of a sudden?

Huo Mian originally planned to see Xie Juan after she was done with her exams so she could help resolve the conflict between them. 

After all, she was the root cause of Ni Yang's depression…

She never expected them to see each other so soon.

"Yes, I saw her, haha…" Ni Yang's eyes were hollow as he smiled coldly.

"What happened, can you tell me?"

"Do you know what she said to me?" Ni Yang spoke bitterly.

Huo Mian didn't say anything…

"She said…'Ni Yang, donate a kidney to your little brother. His uremia is very serious, if he doesn't get a kidney transplant, he will die. He's your little brother, and you guys are related by blood. Please save him.'"

"Kidney transplant? What sort of joke is this?"

Huo Mian felt terrible for Ni Yang when she heard this…

Was this something a real mother could say? Weren't they both her sons?
Why did she have to get Ni Yang's kidney to save the other?

"Haha… I told her that I won't donate my kidney, and I won't give her money either… I'll let that dumb son of hers wait around for death… Huo Mian, do you think that I was being too harsh?"

"No, I think that she wounded you too deep…"

Huo Mian looked at this youth sympathetically…

He had gone through thick and thin to become a superstar…

However, he still couldn't escape the torment that came with common emotions and desires.

To others, the word 'family' consisted of love and warmth, but for Ni Yang, it was a curse… a terrible curse.

Ni Yang looked at Huo Mian, as crystal-clear tears ran down his face…

"Huo Mian, why does everyone else have a kind mother, but I don't?"

Huo Mian felt like her heart was being torn out as she looked at Ni Yang, who was sobbing uncontrollably before her…