Chapter 770 You Two Should Team Up 1

"Uhm… do I know you?" Even though Huo Mian had heard of the name, 'Song Yishi', she didn't know her at all.

"You must be Qin Chu's wife. I'm his friend. Sorry for the abrupt visit, please excuse me."

"But… I'm about to go eat now."

Huo Mian didn't want to entertain guests during work hours, but she also didn't want to miss her lunch break either. After all, it wasn't because that she was pretentious; instead, she didn't think Song Yishi was important enough for her to miss her lunch or work. 

"Do you mind eating together?"

"But I'm heading to the staff cafeteria to eat."

Huo Mian didn't like going out or eating with those she didn't like or weren't familiar with. She wasn't someone who liked to please others.

It was much better to just directly refuse…

"I want to try out South Side's staff meal as well, let's talk while we eat."

Before Huo Mian could respond, Song Yishi happily turned around and walked out first…

The important thing was, did she even know where the staff cafeteria was?

Didn't Huo Mian have to lead her there…?

Fine, Huo Mian gave up…

- Inside the staff cafeteria -

Huo Mian used her card to order a meal set, but she politely handed it to Song Yishi.

"Thanks." Song Yishi smiled sweetly.

Huo Mian then lined up again herself and used her card once again…

There were two sets of the same meal, and the same old one meat dish, one vegetable dish, and one soup.

Spicy beef, bitter melon with fried eggs, and winter melon soup with lamb and vermicelli.

Song Yishi didn't have the haughty manner of heiresses, as she lowered her head, ate a piece of beef, and praised the food nonstop.

"This is really good… it must be so nice working here."
"That's because you haven't tasted what the previous chef used to make… That taste was…"

"Was it even better than this?" Song Yishi filled with doubt.

"Nope, it felt grossly satisfying…"

"Pish… you're pretty funny," Song Yishi laughed at what Huo Mian said…

Huo Mian was truly hungry as well, so she took big bites and enjoyed her meal.

Song Yishi ate fairly gracefully, occasionally holding up her bowl of soup and taking a small sip.

Ten or so minutes later, they both finished their meals…

"Are you full? Would you like some more?"

"Yes, I'm full. Thanks for lunch," Song Yishi thanked her.

"So… can you tell me why you're here?" Huo Mian looked at Song Yishi.

Undeniably, Assistant Yang wasn't exaggerating. This woman really did look a bit like Lin Chiling.

She was sweet, tall, had long legs, and a hot figure. Most importantly, her bust-size looked like it was 36D.
She was the perfect goddess…

Under such comparison, Huo Mian's little airport runway seemed somewhat sad…

Song Yishi drew in plenty of attention at the hospital. Everywhere she went, the male doctors looked like they were about to drool all over her.

"Huo Mian, I just came back to China yesterday, and I heard that Qin Chu was married, so I was very curious… and wanted to see what the girl of his dreams was like."
"Are you disappointed by what you saw? The truth is, I'm not that exceptional,"

Huo Mian laughed self-mockingly…

"No, I trust Qin Chu's taste. I've heard some of the stories about you, and I think you're a woman who commands respect. I have to applaud you, just for your continuous efforts at advancing your career."

"Uhm…" Huo Mian initially saw this woman as a romantic rival.

However now, Huo Mian noticed… that she didn't seem to come with any hostility or provocation. Could Huo Mian have been too nervous?

"Thanks for your compliments, Miss Song. I'm really not as nice as you say."

"No, if Qin Chu loves you deeply, that's plenty to prove how exceptional you are."

Song Yishi's logic was exceptionally formidable as well…

Her words could leave a person as sharp as Huo Mian without any room for rebuttal. She was good.

"You seem to have… some special feelings towards Qin Chu." Huo Mian's sixth sense had always been very on point.

She noticed that Song Yishi's eyes lit up whenever she mentioned Qin Chu.

They weren't simply friends, were they?