Chapter 77: Plan

"Girl, are you kidding me?"

"No, I am being completely serious."

"Who did you marry? Wei Dong or Ning Zhiyuan?" It never occurred to Zhu Lingling that Huo Mian would marry Qin Chu.

"Neither of them."

"Girl, who is it then? Did you get engaged hot-headedly? Isn't Zhixin still in the hospital? How could you have the heart to get married? Did your mental health deteriorate because of the stress? Don't worry, psychologists say that whatever you do while you're insane can be nullified like a murderer can be pardoned if he was insane at the time. It doesn't matter who you married impulsively, as long as you go and get examined tomorrow, you can get a divorce. Don't worry about it."

"Lingling, I wasn't being impulsive, it wasn't an insane decision, and I'm not out of my mind."

"Girl, don't scare me. I've only been gone for a few days… How can you drop a bomb like this on me?"

"I married Qin Chu."

"Who? Qin... Qin Chu, which Qin Chu? Don't tell me you're talking about the hottie from our class."

"Who else could it be?"

"Holy f*ck, let me calm down, I can't digest this information. You actually got married to Qin Chu? This isn't a prank, right? No, April Fool has passed already. Don't lie to me, is this true?"

Clearly, Zhu Lingling questioned the validity of the information...

"It's true, I swear."

"That's wonderful, girl! Congratulations, you're finally with the man you love."

Zhu Lingling had a touch of madness in her composition, but she knew Huo Mian best. Other than Qin Chu, there was no other man in her heart.

People like Ning Zhiyuan were rebounds that Huo Mian used to escape her feelings.

Zhu Lingling always felt like Ning Zhiyuan was not good enough for Huo Mian; indeed, he wasn't.

After all this time, Huo Mian got back together with Qin Chu. Things seemed to go back to how it was seven years ago.

She was truly happy for Huo Mian...

Lingling knew how much Huo Mian loved Qin Chu, even if she never talked about it.

"Lingling, don't congratulate me. I was forced into marrying him."

Then, Huo Mian explained the entire story to Zhu Lingling.

After hearing that, Zhu Lingling lost all of her excitement and calmed down.

"Mian, what do you plan on doing now? Your mom and Qin Chu's parents will find out sooner than later; you guys won't be able to hide it for too long. Once you get pregnant or get stalked by the paparazzi, your marriage will go public. Qin Chu isn't a normal person, he's the prince of GK. He can't hide his marriage; it'll be exposed eventually. How do you plan to deal with it?"

After some thought, Huo Mian replied, "Lingling, to be honest, I don't plan on staying with Qin Chu. We're not meant to be together. So I think that after a while, I'll file for divorce."

"Divorce? You're crazy, why would you want a divorce? I don't get it... You love him and he loves you. Why can't you guys just be together?"

"Lingling, so much has happened between the two of us. We can't go back. I don't know why Qin Chu wants to marry me, and I guess he's still salty about me breaking up with him seven years ago. Men are all the same, they always want what they can't get. Maybe he won't be like this anymore after he gets tired of me."

"I don't think Qin Chu is like that. Mian, there's something that you might not know about. Qin Chu personally invited Ms. Yao back from New Zealand for our last reunion, and it was her who personally called you. It's clear how much he wanted to see you."

"So what? Too much happened over the last seven years. Uncle Jing can't come back to life, and I don't want to anger my mom again. Anyways, I'll cut ties with him before our marriage is exposed."

"Mian…" Zhu Lingling had a feeling that Huo Mian was too mentally stressed.

She had only been married for a few days but was already thinking of divorce. If Qin Chu knew what she was thinking, wouldn't he be heartbroken?

Qin Chu's previous speculations were correct, she really was going to burn the bridge, wasn't she?

Their marriage was just a plan that went to her advantage, and Huo Mian knew that it was unfair to Qin Chu.

But was this world ever fair?

After WeChatting Zhu Lingling for a while, Huo Mian became drowsy and fell into deep sleep...

- Midnight -

Qin Chu silently entered and tucked Huo Mian in. Standing beside the bed, he looked at her with a warm gaze.

He wanted nothing more than to lean down and kiss her, but he was scared that she would wake up, which would make the situation awkward.

He silently looked at her for a while before quietly leaving Huo Mian's room.

His gaze became cold again as he took out his phone and dialed a number...

"Gao Ran, investigate the license plate, HC9649. It's a blue semi that appeared at the entrance of the First Hospital tonight at nine. Check the surveillance cameras, the registered car owner, and where it went."

He had a super-competent memory, and he called Gao Ran because he needed to know who was dumb enough to target his girl.