Chapter 769 A Vicious Woman 10

"Did you two get into a fight?"

"No… we didn't," Huang Yue spoke very quietly, and she couldn't even look at Huo Mian.

"Yue… a relationship is between two people, and I shouldn't be asking you this… but I know Zhixin, and if he wasn't out of options, he wouldn't have asked me for help. He said that you've been avoiding him for the past few days… Why is that? Did he do something wrong?"

Huang Yue was the type of person who loved to join in on things, but she didn't even come to GK's thirty-year-anniversary celebration. It was quite odd.

Huo Mian had a feeling that something was off, but she never asked, because she didn't want Zhixin to feel too pressured.

However, when Zhixin came to find her last night, she knew that something was definitely wrong…

Huang Yue shook her head. "Senior Sister, Zhixin is a great guy… he is the purest and the most innocent of most boys out there, and he treats me very well."

"Then why are you avoiding him? Why couldn't you just talk it out?"

"Senior Sister… I don't know how to explain things to you. Don't ask me any more questions for now, okay? I want to spend some time alone… After I figure things out, I will personally explain myself to Zhixin."

Huo Mian looked at Huang Yue's expression and didn't think that she was lying. Plus, there were hints of tears in her eyes, so she must be feeling some degree of pressure as well.
Huo Mian didn't want to force her either since she was a really nice girl.

Back then, she supported Huo Mian, not at all afraid of offending Wu Xiaoxue…

Huo Mian knew that there wasn't anything wrong with Huang Yue's character. If she had to name one flaw, then it would be that Huang Yue's heart was made of glass.

Huang Yue was an only child, and even though both her parents were average factory workers, they treated her extremely well.

She was like a flower that grew up in a greenhouse, never having to face any real setbacks…

Her life had been smooth thus far, and the only male classmate that she secretly had a crush on in college went abroad, so she hadn't even experienced any heartbreaks.

However, not going through trauma only made things worse…

Because it would be very difficult for people like them to recover from setbacks...

This was also why Huo Mian initially refused to let them be together. Relationships were hard, and conflicts were perfectly normal and completely unavoidable.

If neither Huang Yue nor Zhixin could wrap their heads around the same issue, then it would dramatically affect them.

In the end, Huo Mian looked at Huang Yue, patted her shoulder, and said, "Okay then, don't feel so pressured either. Relax for a few days, and I'll talk to Zhixin."

"Okay, thanks, Senior Sister."

Huo Mian placed the coffee and treats she bought for Huang Yue on the on-call booth, and then she left…

After she got into the car, she put on her earphones and called Zhixin.


"Zhixin, I saw Yue."

"What did she say?" Zhixin seemed to care about Huang Yue's attitude quite a lot.

"I think… she might be too stressed out with work lately, our hospital's been issuing exams recently… so she probably doesn't have time to see you. Don't think too much about it."

"Is that really so? Don't lie to me, sis."

"Why would I? Yue said that she'll explain things to you in a few days after work quiets down."

"Then that's good, thanks Sis." Zhixin seemed to have relaxed quite a bit...

"Get to class, we still have to move in a few days."

"Okay, don't worry, I remember. Auntie Wu and the others were overwhelmed with jealousy when they heard that we're moving to Sky Blessing Court, haha. She even asked if mom could help them get cheap housing as well."

Huo Mian was speechless…

"Okay, I've to go to work now, let's talk later."


After Huo Mian hung up, she directly drove straight to South Side…

After her arrival, she began to get busy, and soon, it was time for lunch…

Just as Huo Mian was about to get up and leave, she saw a tall and skinny-figured woman standing outside her door. She was really pretty.

"Hello, are you Huo Mian?"
"I am." Huo Mian nodded.

"Hello Huo Mian, I'm Song Yishi."