Chapter 768 A Vicious Woman 9

Huo Mian then sent Huang Yue a WeChat message, but she didn't respond.

Huo Mian then called her; it rang, but no one picked up…

"Sis, what's going on?" Zhixin asked anxiously.

"She hasn't responded yet, but I think she might be busy. Don't worry. I'm going to the First Hospital tomorrow to hand in some documents to Director Wu anyways, so I will look for her then."


"Go to bed early. Don't worry, your sister is here no matter what happens."


After Huo Mian comforted Zhixin, she frowned slightly…

"What's wrong?" Qin Chu asked with care when he saw that Huo Mian was a bit emotional.

"I don't know, I keep having this bad feeling… you know that my gut feeling has always been very on-point. I didn't want Zhixin and Yue to date back then, but they thought that I was being conservative, closed-minded, and was trying to tear them apart. See what happened? He comes running to me after something happens."

"Did they get into a fight?"

"I don't know. I will find out when I see Yue tomorrow."

"You're submitting the documents to Director Wu tomorrow, right? When is the exam?"

"Next week."

"Good luck… Honey."

"Will I get a reward for passing the exam, Mr. Qin?"

"You will."

"What is it?"

"I will reward you with a baby."

Huo Mian, "…"

"Seriously? You're not joking?"

"Seriously… we should really have a baby, it would be best if it is a daughter."

"Why?" Huo Mian was a bit surprised.

Qin Chu never spoke of this topic before, and seeing how he was, Huo Mian didn't think he would care about the gender of the baby.

What was happening today?

"Because I heard someone say that… if a woman loves a man, then she will give him a daughter, who will accompany him when he is fifty-years old, accuse him for not behaving, tell him to quit smoking, take him away on trips, buy him warm shoes, sunbathe with him, and drink tea and spend time with him. If a woman hates a man, then she will give him a son, who will stare at him and have fights with him when he is fifty years old. His son will ask for cars and houses from him… If a woman hates her husband more than anything, then she will give him two sons."

"Pish… where did you see this?" Huo Mian was so shocked that she thought she was going to spit out blood.

"I saw it in Gao Ran's WeChat friend circle," Qin Chu said in all seriousness.

"Haha… how could he have such wisdom as the people's police… Fine, I'd like to see his reaction if he marries Lingling, and she gives him twin sons."

"Then what should we do if we have twin sons?" Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian begrudgingly.

"Then you should just abandon the three of us and remarry another wife who will give you a daughter."

"No, I've got my mind set on you for this lifetime… As long as it's ours, I don't care if our child is a girl, boy, or monkey."

"Your ass… why don't you try giving birth to a monkey?"

"Wouldn't my monkey be your monkey as well?"

Huo Mian, "…"

Fine, if he tried, Mr. Qin would never lose to anyone in a bickering contest. He only didn't talk as much.

However, each and every word he spoke was deadly…

- The next morning -

After Qin Chu and Huo Mian had breakfast, they left South Hill Manor together.

Huo Mian drove to the First Hospital first to give the examination materials to Director Wu.

Director Wu greatly supported her choice of neurology and said that Department Director Li praised her highly.

After Huo Mian spoke with Director Wu for a bit, she went downstairs to see Huang Yue at the Gynaecology Department.

From far away, Huo Mian could see Yue playing with on her phone at the on-duty booth…

Huo Mian patted her shoulder, and she was so scared that she nearly screamed…

"Senior Sister… my gosh, are you trying to scare me to death?" Huang Yue's face turned pale.
"Why didn't you pick up the phone last night?"

"Ah… I went out to eat last night, and it was already very late when I got back, so I didn't call you back."
"Yue… how are things with you and Zhixin?" Huo Mian asked quietly.

Huang Yue's expression grew more complex upon hearing Zhixin's name… as if she was hiding something.