Chapter 762 A Vicious Woman 3

"Uncle, Go ahead."

"I heard that the municipal government already allotted the piece of land by Liuyi Reservoir to GK?" Huo Zhenghai sipped at his tea as he slowly asked.

The corners of Qin Chu's mouth curled into a smile. "How did you know about this?"

"I've been in this industry for so long, and little can escape my eyes… I've known for a long time that Mayor Song has been taking care of GK. When your father was still at the corporation, I heard that he grew up with Mayor Song, and they were enlisted in the military together, making them very close friends. Now that I see for myself, the rumors didn't come out of nowhere… the Huo Corporation took part in the land bid last year as well… To tell you the truth, we prepared dozens of strategies and competed against dozens of opposing bidders, but in the end, the government announced that the land was no longer up for bid… Although that land hadn't been developed, everyone knows that it's the best piece of land in the city. Last year, the Huo Corporation offered 1.3 billion yuan for that land, but the government was unwilling to sell… I'm guessing that money was not the problem, and the only possibility is that Mayor Song wanted to save that piece of land for GK."

"Haha… you sure thought of all the possibilities, Uncle."

Qin Chu didn't deny it… After all, Huo Zhenghai wasn't an idiot…

"After you get that piece of land, even if you don't do anything and sell it, you'll still earn a lot. Moreover, I know that GK would never sell it; I heard that you have plans to build Asia's biggest shopping mall and a studio city with that land."

"Your news is sure up to date…" Qin Chu didn't say much and looked down to sip at his tea.

"So… I'm trying to say… can GK collaborate with the Huo Corporation? We can provide at least 2 billion yuan in investment."

"But Uncle, GK isn't short in funds."

"I know… you don't need money, people, or land. But there's a layer of relationship here, isn't there? Haha… Huo Mian is my daughter, and you're my son-in-law. It's not too much for your father-in-law to ask for a share of the profits, right? Even if you give us just a small share."

As expected, Huo Zhenghai's ambitions were wild; he even wanted a part of GK's best territory.

Everyone knew how much potential profit that piece of land had; although Mayor Song allotted it to GK, Qin Chu still paid to get it.

He paid 3.5 billion yuan for that piece of land, no less than the other competitors. Therefore, he didn't really owe Mayor Song anything.

"I see…" Qin Chu seemed to be hesitating.

Upon seeing his hesitation, Huo Zhenghai added, "Since Huo Mian is my daughter and is now a member of the board, the Huo Family will treat her well. If our families team up, we will dominate the city and flourish for at least another century."

"But that's what you want, right? What does President Huo Siqian think about it?"

"Siqian listens to my decisions, we're all on the same page here."

"Oh… Uncle, I can't make a decision this big by myself. Plus, the land over at the Liuyi Reservoir hasn't been announced to the public yet, and we have yet to start developing the area. We are still dealing with the negative consequences of the incident in T City, can we wait a while before we talk about this again?"

"That's fine… just don't forget about the Huo Corporation."

"I won't."

After beating around the bush with Huo Zhenghai for a while, he was finally able to send that old man on his way…

Qin Chu didn't even ask him to stay for lunch, because this old man was just too disgusting...

The good thing was Qin Chu knew that he wasn't Huo Mian's birth father so he didn't have to worry too much, or else he would've puked at the spot.

After Qin Chu went back to his office, he began signing files.

Assistant Yang knocked and came in.

"Sir, it's lunch time. Would you like to eat at the company or eat out?"

"Wait, let me ask my wife where she is." Qin Chu was just about to call Huo Mian when he heard the sound of high heels clicking outside. Then, a woman appeared by the door. She was wearing a long dress, and her long hair flowed down like a waterfall.

"Hi… Qin Chu, do you still recognize me?" That woman smiled beautifully.

"Song Yishi?" Qin Chu asked with uncertainty.