Chapter 761 A Vicious Woman 2

"That depends on the person I'm talking to, since not everyone knows their place… Anyways, I've said what I wanted to, and I hope to never see you again."

Then, Huo Mian turned around to leave… she didn't want to waste another minute or second with these people.

Huo Mian never got mad at Wei Dong for not helping her out.

Plus, when Wei Dong's dad was hospitalized, she helped him arrange a room at South Side. She had done more than enough for him as a former classmate.

She would be the true idiot if she agreed to help Wei Dong and involve herself in that mess…

Wei Dong might've mistaken Huo Mian as a ditzy girl… and thought that she would agree, as long as he begged her…

After the wedding, Huo Mian called Zhu Lingling on her way home.

She told Zhu Lingling everything and b*tched about what happened…

"Holy shit… Wei Dong is such a shameless scumbag. I heard that he kept switching girlfriends, so it's a good thing you didn't end up with him… I can't believe that he had the audacity to ask you to give him GK's projects; it's not like you have control over such a big project anyway. He's really shameless, really."

"I'm not Aladdin's lamp; I don't have the ability to grant people whatever they request… If he had asked me to lend him money, I might've agreed, but he's so greedy, and threw two challenges at me – deal with Mo Xiaolei or give him GK's projects."

"He's so delusional… If I were him, I wouldn't even have the guts to dream that big." Zhu Lingling snickered.

Huo Mian thought back at what happened with Wei Dong and suddenly felt inspired. Then, she posted on her WeChat friend circle.

She wrote, "I gave you a piece of candy, and you saw me give someone else two pieces of candy, so you became jealous. However, little did you know that the other person once gave me two pieces, but you gave me nothing. Humans should not take kindness for granted, because no one is obligated to be nice to you for no reason. Be more grateful and complain less, maybe you'll live a better life."

She also uploaded this paragraph onto Weibo…

Her fans immediately liked this post…

Most people didn't know what she meant by it and thought it was just some chicken soup for the soul.

Little did they know that her posts stemmed from genuine feelings.

"Honey… what happened?"

Qin Chu noticed that something was wrong, so he immediately messaged Huo Mian…

"It's nothing, we'll talk about it at home later."

"Okay, I'm going to see Huo Zhenghai now."

- GK Headquarters -

Huo Zhenghai and Qin Chu's assistant set the date for them to meet; Huo Zhenghai was ready to put away all his dignity to win Qin Chu's support.

He drove to GK Headquarters in person to see him.

- At the top-floor lounge -

This was Qin Chu's first time meeting with Huo Zhenghai.

"Chairman Huo."

Qin Chu politely extended a hand…

"Hey…'Chairman Huo' sounds really distant. If you don't mind, you should call me 'Dad', just like Mian."

Qin Chu controlled himself from sneering. 'Dad'? Not too long ago, Huo Zhenghai refused to acknowledge Huo Mian and her mother.

Yet, now that he saw they were doing well, he came over to rub up to her. Is that what a father was supposed to do?

"I can call you uncle," Qin Chu finally replied.

Huo Zhenghai smiled. "That's good too, anything's good. Whatever sounds natural to you."

Yang brought in some tea and a tea set and placed it onto the coffee table.

Huo Zhenghai glanced around and saw calligraphy paintings hanging around the lounge. He praised, "You seem to know your calligraphy, you have great taste."

"My father picked these out, I don't know much about these things."

Qin Chu didn't save face for him at all, but Huo Zhenghai still fawned upon him, again and again. It felt really fake.

"Uncle… my time is limited, and I have clients to see in the afternoon. Is there anything you wanted to talk to me about?"

Seeing that Huo Zhenghai was beating around the bushes and not getting to the point, Qin Chu quickly lost his patience…

"Oh… there was something that I wanted to talk to you about."

Sure enough, the old fox revealed its tail…