Chapter 76: Memories

After a while, Qin Chu answered slowly, "All I know is that the seven years apart from you was the biggest mistake of my life."

These words thudded in Huo Mian's heart, as though something was softly broken.

She didn't know what it was; maybe it was the wall surrounding her heart…

Then, they both remained silent for the rest of the trip…

It was only 9:20 PM when they got back to Imperial Park.

Qin Chu helped Huo Mian get out the first-aid kit from the cabinet in the living room.

Then, they sat on the couch as Huo Mian carefully dealt with Qin Chu's wounds.

Qin Chu didn't just hurt his hands, his knees were scraped as well; blood was seeping through his expensive pants.

"It's done. Don't let it touch water for a couple of days. Keep an eye on it when you shower." Huo Mian reminded him.

"Got it."

"And… take off your pants. I will wash them for you."

"It's fine. These can be dry cleaned."

"Fine, go get some rest then. I'm a little tired and want to go to sleep now," Huo Mian said as she headed for the stairs.

"Mian, I'm a little hungry." Qin Chu's words stopped Huo Mian in her tracks.

"What do you want to eat?"

"Anything sounds good." Qin Chu looked into her eyes.

Huo Mian didn't want to make eye contact with Qin Chu. She turned her head around and walked towards the fridge.

She opened the fridge to see it filled with vegetables and fruits. It seemed like he prepared them ahead of time.

Huo Mian took out some egg noodles and a bunch of lettuce. Then she walked to the kitchen.

- Twenty minutes later -

She brought a steaming bowl of egg noodles with lettuce out from the kitchen and set it on the coffee table.

"Eat it while it's hot."

"You're not going to have any?"

"I already ate during my shift. I'm not hungry." Then, Huo Mian turned around and went upstairs.

Qin Chu sat on the couch, grabbed the chopsticks, and slowly began eating the noodles.

Memories began surfacing in his mind...

"Qin Chu, this shop's noodles are not good. How dare they charge 15 yuan for a yucky bowl of noodles? It's crazy. Next time, I'll make you some. I make good noodles."

"Yeah? If one day we lose our jobs, you can open a noodle restaurant to support me."

"Do you think I would let a man who lives off a woman be my husband?"

"As long as I can be your husband, I don't mind living off a woman."

They created a lot of beautiful memories seven years ago…

There was a lot of street food behind their school. Qin Chu loved noodles, so Huo Mian always went with him.

They visited many stores but found nothing good. That's how that conversation happened.

Back then, Qin Chu thought that he and Huo Mian would be with each other every day, so he would have many opportunities to try her noodles.

Little did he know that he had to wait seven years for that to happen.

Time was heartless. So many beautiful things could only be preserved in memories.

Although tonight he set his life aside to save her, she still kept him at arm's length. He knew what was on her mind.

He could see the conflict, unease, guilt, and fear in her heart.

But, as long as he could be with her, he was willing to sacrifice everything. His wish was very simple: as long as she was well.

His thoughts came to a halt. Qin Chu started to swallow down the noodles quickly and finished the soup.

He didn't remember how the noodles tasted, but he knew that these were the most delicious noodles in the entire world.

It was because Huo Mian cooked them…

- Upstairs in the bedroom -

Huo Mian lied on her bed, physically and mentally exhausted. Qin Chu got hurt because of her, she wasn't heartless and didn't overlook what happened. But, as soon as she thought of her mother's words, she immediately started to feel conflicted.


She got a WeChat message…

Huo Mian slowly picked up her phone. As expected, it was from Zhu Lingling.

Recently she was on the east coast route and hadn't been back to C City. Huo Mian was actually not used to the tranquility without a boat load of messages from Lingling.

"Mian, I'm back. Come out and have a drink with me. I've been working like a dog these past few days."

Huo Mian smiled softly and responded, "No way, no dog is this tired."

"…" Zhu Lingling was speechless.

Then, Huo Mian sent her another short message.

"Lingling, I got married."

After seeing these four words clearly, a shocked Zhu Lingling immediately jumped out of her bed.