Chapter 75: Danger

Huo Mian didn't have enough time to react. She just stood there like a deer in headlights, trying to block out the light with her hand.

It didn't occur to her that she was standing in the most dangerous spot. If this car came, it most likely would squash her.

She didn't get to respond after she heard someone calling her name. Huo Mian only felt something suddenly bump into her, and she was sent flying. 

Her ribs were throbbing…

The next time she opened her eyes, she found herself lying in a soft embrace.

"Qin Chu, when did you get here?" Huo Mian was still frightened and a little stunned.

Why did he show up right here, right now?

Qin Chu held Huo Mian tight. They laid on the road next to an electric pole, their bodies close together.

"Are you alright?" Qin Chu's voice sounded a little hoarse. Heavens knew that, in that second, his heart almost burst out from his chest.

"Ye…yeah," Huo Mian stuttered slightly.

Then she stood up and checked her wounds. She realized that other than Qin Chu hurting her ribs when he crashed into her, there were no other injuries. 

When she turned around and looked at Qin Chu, she was a little shocked, "You hurt your hand."

"I'm fine, it's just a little scratch."

"No, let me wrap you up. Otherwise it will get infected." Huo Mian pulled Qin Chu towards the hospital.

"We have a first-aid kit at home, you can help me out there." After he finished talking, Qin Chu tightly flipped his hand over to grab hers while saying, "It's late. Let's go home."

Then, he took Huo Mian's hand and took her to that white, low-key, Volkswagen CC. The two of them got in the car.

In the passenger seat, Huo Mian struggled for a while before asking, "Just now…why were you there?"

"Shouldn't you be asking why that car suddenly accelerated in front of the hospital?" Qin Chu answered with another question.

"Answer my question first."

"I couldn't get ahold of you and you didn't text me back. After I got off work, I came to the hospital to wait for you."

"What time did you get here?" Huo Mian turned to look at Qin Chu with surprise.


"So you waited from six to nine?" Huo Mian couldn't believe it.


"You were just waiting in the car?"


"You are so…?" Huo Mian didn't know what to say. She wanted to say Qin Chu was a fool, but clearly he wasn't.

"You're lucky that I came. Otherwise you would have been run over."

Now Huo Mian understood. Qin Chu came to pick her up and was in the car the whole time. When he saw her walk out of the hospital, he got out of the car to call out her name.

But right at that second, a truck came out of nowhere.

In that moment of life or death, Qin Chu dashed over, tackled Huo Mian, and dodged the big truck. They both fell safely to the curb.

At that moment, they had almost crossed the thin line between life and death…

"Do you know that you almost died?" Huo Mian asked, staring at Qin Chu.

"I only know that if I didn't do what I did, you would have died," Qin Chu answered calmly.

"Was it worth it?" Huo Mian's eyes started tingling. She turned her head to look out the window when she asked him this question.

"It was very much worth it."

"You are such an idiot. You're the prince of GK, whose net worth is in the hundreds of millions. Why would you risk everything to save a nurse intern?"

Qin Chu leaned in. He stared into Huo Mian's eyes and said slowly, "At that moment, it was simply a husband saving a wife. Don't overthink it."

"Qin Chu…"

"Don't you think that us together was a mistake this whole time?" Huo Mian asked gently.

Having heard this, Qin Chu's hands slightly froze on the steering wheel…