Chapter 74: The Real Her

"You're wrong. I didn't change. I have always been like this, which means… these past few years, you never really gotten to know me at all. You loved the woman you created in your mind, not the real me."

In truth, Huo Mian wanted to say this a long time ago…

When she first met Ning Zhiyuan, she had already painted herself as the most ordinary girl.

After her relationship with Qin Chu, which was already etched in her memory, her heart had been as peaceful as the ocean for a long time.

Therefore, the gentle, understanding, and smart woman that Ning Zhiyuan saw wasn't the real Huo Mian.

Humans were the smartest animals in this world. Sometimes, the person you saw was just the one she wanted to show you, rather than who she really was...

Only Qin Chu knew who Huo Mian really was.

She was a quick-witted, smart, and sharp-mouthed girl who turned her nose up at everything. Just the way Zhu Lingling described her. That was the real her. Unfortunately, she never let Ning Zhiyuan see her real side these past few years.

Now that they broke up, he finally had a chance to see the real her. How ironic…

"Mian…?"Ning Zhiyuan seemed like he still wanted to say something.
"Enough. You don't have to say anything else. I get it. When my daughter came to you for help, you were messing around with another woman in your apartment? Now you've come to repent because you heard that Zhixin has recovered, and the operation fees are paid off. You are not a man. Before, I thought that, although you haven't achieved much, at least you were honest and genuine. Now I see your true colors. You are nothing but a dishonest person who only likes to contribute after the fact. Don't go around sighing here and there, it annoys me. Get out. Since you two already broke up, I am no longer your soon-to-be mother-in-law, nor is Zhixin your brother."


"Get out and take your insincere guilt basket with you." After they finished talking, Yang Meirong stood up, picked up the gift basket, and pushed it, along with Ning Zhiyuan, out of the room.

"Mom, well done. You really vented Huo Mian's anger." Jing Zhixin gave her a thumbs-up.

Yang Meirong glanced at Huo Mian coldly, "In the future, pick a better man. This one was trash."

"I got it. Mom, I'm going back to my department for now. Don't wear yourself out. The caretaker is going to be here soon so you should go home and get some rest."

Walking out of the patient's room, Huo Mian felt restless…

Although her mother was not nice to her, she was clearly on her side, defending her in front of Ning Zhiyuan.

But how would her mother react if she found out that not only was she secretly involved with Qin Chu again but was also now married to him?

She would strip off her skin...

Even though Uncle Jing's death had nothing to do with Qin Chu, his death was caused by the Qin family after all.

Thinking of this, Huo Mian's chest felt tight. She had no clue how to keep on living with Qin Chu.

After Uncle Jing's death, she felt guilty for seven years. She gave up on opportunities to go study overseas and chose not to attend the best medical school in Jing City.

She stayed home and became the most ordinary person. But still, she couldn't ditch that guilt.

What killed her the most was that she didn't hate Qin Chu that much…

She felt like she let Uncle Jing down…

- 9 PM -

Huo Mian had taken a shift for her colleague. Exhausted, she changed into her clothes and walked out of the hospital.

She looked down and took out her phone. It had died in the afternoon, and she had to charge it with her portable battery pack.

As soon as her phone turned on again, she began receiving a ton of missed call notifications, and a text message…
"What time do you get off? I thought you weren't on the night shift today. Why haven't you gone home yet?"

It was from Qin Chu…
Huo Mian yawned and tried to respond to that message.

Then, she heard a piercing screech from car tires speeding straight at her. She lifted her head, but the lights were so bright in her eyes that she couldn't open them.

The only thing she knew was that a huge car was coming towards her at a surprisingly high speed.

"Huo Mian!" Someone yelled out her name.