Chapter 739 Doctor Huo, I Want to Get a Check-up 10

"I have."

"Which department have you chosen?" The truth was, Director Wu had been looking forward to hearing Huo Mian's choice.


"Haha, great job, I was right about you! Director Li will be so happy that she won't even be able to fall asleep tonight."

Elated, Director Wu laughed aloud…

"I made the choice on my own, but there's so much about neurology that I'm not familiar with, so I might not be able to pass the test. If I end up disappointing you, please don't yell at me."

"We've all seen your potential, and I know you can do it. I will arrange for you to take the test as soon as possible."

"Director Wu…"

"What is it?" Huo Mian suddenly said as he was about to hang up.

"How's Xiaoxue doing in Seattle?"

"Not bad, she's still adjusting, but don't worry. She's with her parents."

"What about her baby?"

"Xinyue's a great girl; she's really healthy," Director Wu said affectionately.

"That's amazing."

"I fired Ning Zhiyuan… Because of that, he came to cause a scene at the hospital and trashed hospital administration on online forums. I think he's acting a little extreme, you should stay away from him."

"Okay, I will."

"Good, that's it then."

After her phone call with Director Wu, Huo Mian felt like her skies cleared up…

In the end, Huo Mian decided to follow her heart; Qin Chu was right, she was bound to pick neurology.

If Xiaowei heard about this news, she would probably be even happier than she was. Neurology and psychology were similar in many ways.

In the future, she could direct any questions at Dr. Jiang, couldn't she? Haha.

As she thought about this happily, Huo Mian left South Side.

Tomorrow was GK's 30-year-anniversary party, therefore, everyone at the headquarters was working overtime.

Huo Mian ordered a bunch of food and drinks for GK's employees.

She also bought some xiaolongbao and vegetable congee for Qin Chu.

- Outside the president's office -

"Young Madam," Yang greeted her.

"President Qin's in there?"

"Yeah, he is, but… Annie Liang is in there as well."

Huo Mian nodded. Then, she pushed open the door and went in with the bento box…

"President Qin, time to take a rest. Here's your snack." Huo Mian put the bento box on Qin Chu's desk.

Annie Liang was sitting on the couch. Her hair waved down in curls, her lips were ruby red, and she was wearing a short skirt that exposed her pearly legs…

All in all, she was very ostentatious…

"What's going on?" Huo Mian asked with a smile after glancing at Annie Liang and then back at Qin Chu.

"Honey, perfect timing, can you talk to her? I'm busy and don't have time to deal with her."

Then, Qin Chu continued talking on the phone, reconfirming the location for tomorrow and tonight's rehearsal…

There were also celebrities that came from out of town, and Qin Chu needed to arrange hotel rooms for them. He was busy as a bee.

"As you can see, President Qin is busy, you can talk to me."

"Young Madam, can you make decisions on behalf of the president?" Annie Liang looked at Huo Mian in disdain.

"If you don't trust me, then you can leave. There's nothing much we can talk about."

"Here's the thing. Why do I have to sing along with three other people at tomorrow's party? There's not much lyrics to a song to begin with, and now I have to share it with three other people? Are you kidding me? Tomorrow's viewership will be through the roof, and I want a solo performance to myself. Ni Yang and Mo Xue'er were both allotted solo times, so why not me? The president is treating me with bias…"

Annie Liang was a troublesome woman…

She always liked to pick on people and compete against others… Shouldn't she compare her popularity with other celebrities first?

"Oh, I see. You're unsatisfied with our arrangements."

"I'm extremely unsatisfied, do GK's employees not know how to handle things? I am Annie Liang, and I've won best actress awards. Why should I sing with second-rate celebrities? Not only is it degrading, but it's also super embarrassing… If that's the case, I'd rather not show my face."

Annie Liang said arrogantly. She started acting coyishly with Qin Chu as soon as she came into the president's office.

However, to her dismay, Qin Chu picked up one phone call after the other and didn't even have the time to talk to her. Therefore, she sat down on the couch and refused to leave.

"Miss Liang, what did you want?" Huo Mian smiled as she sat down across from her.

"Why are you even asking me? I want time for a solo performance, preferably between 8 and 9:30. That's when viewer ratings are highest," Annie Liang crossed her legs and demanded arrogantly.