Chapter 738 Doctor Huo, I Want to Get a Check-up 9

"Why would you scare me like that, you could've given me a heart attack!"

"Okay, fine then, I apologize, okay?"

Huo Mian ignored him and continued organizing documents…

"Dr. Huo, I really need to see a doctor… my right wrist has been hurting."

"Then you should go to a professional orthopedics clinic. We're a recuperation center that serves recovering patients."

"I know, but we know each other. Please?"

Upon seeing how sincere Su Yu was, Huo Mian finally had no choice but to put down the documents in her hands.

"Come with me."

Su Yu smiled as he got up and followed Huo Mian…

After all, Huo Mian wasn't a doctor, so she took Su Yu to the ortho department.

All the other doctors went to lunch but one, who was still in the office.

"Dr. Sun, could you please take a look at my friend? He said that his right wrist hurts."

- Ten minutes later -

They walked out of the office together.

"Did you hear what the doctor said? He says that you're suffering from carpal tunnel… you use your computer mouse for long periods of time… injuring your wrist muscles."

"Yeah." Su Yu nodded and followed Huo Mian.

"Good, then remember to get some pain-relieving patches. I'm going to lunch now, I'm starving."

"I haven't eaten yet either," Su Yu said, looking as if he had been wronged.

"I'm going to our hospital cafeteria, are you sure you want to come with?"

"Um…" Upon hearing this, Su Yu thought back at the time when he and Tang Chuan ate with Huo Mian at the cafeteria. The black-fungus and cabbage dish was disgusting beyond words…

However, in order to spend more time with Huo Mian, he still nodded in determination.

As if he was ready to risk everything…

Huo Mian smiled and then took Su Yu to the cafeteria.

Today's lunch was simple – one meat dish, braised pork ribs; one veggie dish, stir-fry broccoli; and one beef radish soup…

The cafeteria also served yellow rice – it was soft, sticky, and smelled delicious.

They came late, and there weren't a lot of people left…

Not many recognized Su Yu since he purposely lowered his head.

Then, he sat down with Huo Mian in a corner.

After taking the first bite, Su Yu was surprised. "The rice tastes so much better, did the kitchen get a new rice cooker?"

Huo Mian smiled but didn't say anything…

Su Yu then tried out the braised ribs, and his jaw almost fell off from shock.

"Why does this taste so good? Is something wrong with my taste buds?" Su Yu looked at Huo Mian.

"Nope, our hospital got a new chef team."

"They should've done that a long time ago… this is a night and day difference compared to that old chef… Dogs won't even eat the food he made. The new chef's cooking skills are great, comparable to a hotel chef."

Huo Mian smiled, but didn't say anything else…

The truth was, Deputy Director Guo's relatives used to monopolize the hospital cafeteria and no one had a choice.

However, the hospital took control over the cafeteria back after he was fired and the new deputy director was very good at his job.

He put the hospital back in order, and ever since the cafeteria food tasted better, people became happier…

Su Yu doesn't eat a lot and usually felt full after a bowl of rice…

However, to stall time, he purposely mumbled to Huo Mian, "Get me some more rice, I'm not full yet."

"How big is your stomach? Are you doing this on purpose because we're using my food card? Are you trying to rip me off?"

"Haha… don't be so stingy, I can give you cash."

"No thanks."

"Seriously, add me on WeChat, I'll send you a red packet."

"Not necessary."

Huo Mian didn't fall into his trap and got up to get him some more rice…

After they finished lunch, the two of them slowly walked out of the cafeteria…

"Huo Mian."


"I heard that you're taking the medical exam soon. If you pass it, you'll become a doctor."

"Your news is sure up to date…" Huo Mian smiled.

She assumed that Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao must've told him.

"I hope everything goes your way…"

"I hope so too, I'll try my best."

Su Yu was in a good mood when he left South Side. He drove all the way back to his company.

Huo Mian was busy all afternoon, and towards the end of the day, the clinic telephone suddenly began to ring…


"Huo Mian… have you made your decision yet?" Director Wu's slightly aging voice sounded from the other end.