Chapter 737 Doctor Huo, I Want to Get a Check-up 8

"You're crazy… he's still a child and shouldn't be so flashy."

Ever since Huo Siyi beat Zhixin up last time, she became more worried than ever that something might happen to Zhixin.

So, of course, she wasn't about to let Qin Chu buy him a better car…

"But he is now my brother-in-law, everyone knows that."

"So what? You can't get him a new car… We'll discuss this again after he graduates."

"Okay, you're the boss."

Qin Chu didn't say anything else when he saw how persistent Huo Mian was…

The two of them went home together…

- The next morning -

Huo Mian and Department Director Li went to Ni Yang's home to give him a comprehensive checkup.

Ever since LIVI Magazine was released, Ni Yang drew in fans by the millions…

He became the hottest domestic idol, with endless film and advertisement deals coming to his doorstep.

However, Huo Mian refused to let him have such a heavy workload and arranged for the company to carefully select scripts for him.

The company also selected advertisements with the best products for him to appear in.
Therefore, even though Ni Yang had plenty of work, he wasn't so heavily burdened.

After Department Director Li conducted all sorts of checkups on Ni Yang, she nodded at Huo Mian.
"He's been recovering well, much better than expected."

"Have you been exercising lately?"

"Yeah, I run every morning… Speaking of which, your husband really is generous. The scenery of that house he gave me to live in is beautiful. There are lakes all around, and barely any people live there, so I feel like my privacy is greatly protected."

"Then keep it up, exercise is good for you." Huo Mian smiled.

"Sister Mian… you're coming to the thirty-year-anniversary celebration, right?"

"Of course."

"I told President Qin that I wanted to sing a duet with you, but he refused. He said that your voice was too beautiful, so he was afraid that people wouldn't be able to handle it."

Huo Mian immediately dripped in sweat…

"He really said that?"

"Yea… so I'm very curious. How beautiful is your voice? Can you show me?"

"I can't."

Huo Mian knew that Mr. Qin was just mocking her.

Others asked for money to sing, but her singing was more like asking for one's life…

"So many people are performing during the party, aren't you guys going to perform anything as a couple?"

"I don't know yet, we'll have to see what happens."

On the way back, Director Li sat in the passenger seat of Huo Mian's car and said profoundly, "I hear that you will give Director Wu your final answer today."


"I really do hope that you could come to neurology… It's been so long since I've seen a child as brilliant as you are," Director Li spoke earnestly.

"Director Wu will announce my choice later, but I'm not even sure that I can pass the exams."

"You'll definitely pass."

Director Li had full faith in Huo Mian…

When they returned to South Side, they began to get busy with work…

- At lunch time -

"Head Nurse, let's go eat. C'mon, let's go to the cafeteria."

"You guys go first, there are still some documents that I have to take care of."

Huo Mian looked down and continued to work. She was so focused that she didn't even hear someone come in…

"Hello… Doctor Huo," someone suddenly knocked her desk.

Huo Mian was instantly frightened upon hearing this voice…

After she realized that it was Su Yu, she cursed, "Did you want to scare me to death?"

"Who told you to work so hard? I can't believe you didn't even hear me knock."

"Why are you here?" Huo Mian felt speechless, seeing Su Yu at South Side at noon.

"Doctor Huo, I need a checkup."

"For what? ED?" Huo Mian was angry. It was Su Yu's fault for scaring her earlier, so she immediately took her revenge.

Su Yu, "…"

"I suggest you go to the reproductive health center for this illness, we can't fix it here."

"You damned girl. Are you in pain if you don't insult me for one day?" Su Yu felt speechless as well.