Chapter 734 Doctor Huo, I Want to Get a Check-up 5

"President Qin, you can't blame me... This was the Young Madam's idea," Assistant Yang explained in a hurry.

"Mian? When did she give this order?" Qin Chu was a bit surprised.

"The young madam just called, she said that she will tell you personally, and that's why I called Director Jiang."

"Okay, I got it."

"President Qin, what should we do about this? Should I listen to Young Madam, or to you…?" Assistant Yang asked indecisively.

"Follow my wife's orders."

"Ayy, alright." Assistant Yang let out a sigh of relief upon hearing what he said.

Choosing to believe the young madam certainly turned out to be the right choice; his boss deserved a 'China's Good Husband' award.

- On the other side of town, at the Western restaurant -

After Su Yu finished having the meal with Jian Tong, it was about time to leave.

Jian Tong waved. "Server, the bill please."

"President Su has already paid."

"You shouldn't have done that, I said that it was my treat." Jian Tong was a bit displeased.

"I don't have the habit of letting women pay for things. It's fine, just leave it like this."

"President Su… thank you for dinner, I'm… very happy." Jian Tong smiled, picked up her bag, and left.

Su Yu turned around and saw that Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei were still eating, so he walked over and sat down on an empty seat.

"You two sure are laid back…"
"The night is too long… what else should we do?" laughed Wei Liao.

"What is Huo Mian up to recently?" Su Yu asked Jiang Xiaowei as he looked at her.
"I don't know." Jiang Xiaowei looked down and replied impolitely.

"Ahem… my dear Xiaowei's period came today, she's not in a good mood."

"Get lost. You've got your period. How dare you curse me, Wei Liao? Do you want me to make you sleep on the floor tonight?"

"Don't, don't, don't, I was only joking, haha."

Su Yu placed both his hands on the table and looked at Jiang Xiaowei with bits of fascination. "Doctor Jiang, do you have any misunderstandings against me?"

Jiang Xiaowei raised her head, wiped the corners of her mouth, and looked at him. "What do you think?"

"I think you weren't like this before. What happened today?" Su Yu smiled helplessly.

"I can't don't like how you pretend to be so in love when you see Huo Mian and worry about her so much, but then turn around to flirt with a female celebrity under your label."

"Uhm… you've really misunderstood me, I do like Huo Mian… and the whole world knows that. I'm not hiding it, but I really haven't caused her any trouble. I don't even have the guts to go find her. As for Jian Tong… it's her birthday today, I just transferred her a million yuan to her account as a birthday present. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, it's an employee benefit."

"Yeah, Xiaowei… Yu isn't like that. He can be an ass but you really wronged him this time."

"So… now can you tell me what Huo Mian's been up to lately?" Su Yu looked at Jiang Xiaowei with puppy-dog eyes.

Why else would he lower his voice and suppress his anger in front of a little girl, if not for finding out news about Huo Mian?

"Oh she… is very busy lately, because she is about to be promoted to be a doctor."

"Doctor?" Both Wei Liao and Su Yu were quite surprised.

Jiang Xiaowei then told them about how the hospital's director and chief physicians all sent a joint request for Huo Mian to take the medical exam.

Su Yu's eyes filled with admiration…

"That girl… really is something… she always manages to achieve extraordinary things."

"Huo Mian truly is formidable… Through her own efforts, she climbed to the top, step by step… If she relied on Qin Chu, there might not even be any trouble for her to immediately become the director of South Side, but she didn't."

"Yes… she could clearly get her way with her looks, but decided to rely on her talents instead… I like Huo Mian because I admire her," Jiang Xiaowei said generously.

"This weekend is GK's thirty-year-anniversary party… are you planning to go?" Wei Liao asked suddenly as he looked at Su Yu.

"I have to remind you that the Qin couple tends to show off their loving relationship, so you better think about it."

Wei Liao felt quite bad for Su Yu. Last time on the cruise, Su Yu's heart was basically crushed into bits and pieces… he would never fully heal. 

If he went to their party this time, then who was to say how they would torture him?