Chapter 732 Doctor Huo, I Want to Get a Check-up 3

"That's right, isn't that perfectly normal? After all, not everyone is like Mr. Su… who parades around as a single man to pick up girls."

Jiang Xiaowei said this…

She was a straightforward woman and didn't hold back to consider the other person's feelings…

Jian Tong felt a bit awkward as she stood beside Su Yu. She smiled and didn't say anything.

"You guys eat, we'll talk later."

Su Yu waved his hand, not planning on sharing a table with Jiang Xiaowei…

"Why were you being so aggressive? Mr. Su doesn't have anything against you, does he?" Wei Liao asked with a smile.

"I just don't like how much of a player Su Yu is… He pretends to like Huo Mian, but then he turns around to flirt with other stars, what's that about?"

"Seriously lady… Huo Mian is already married, okay? What do you think he should do? Fight with Qin Chu openly as the third man? Then his moral standards will be ruined."

"That's not what I mean… I only feel that I can't accept the way Su Yu does things."

Jiang Xiaowei felt like Su Yu was more than friends with Jian Tong and thought that it was unfair for Huo Mian…

This was a normal reaction…

She didn't know that Su Yu was only celebrating Jian Tong's birthday, and they were only having dinner, so she truly did misunderstand Mr. Su.

"Was that Young Master Wei's girlfriend?" Jian Tong asked with great curiosity after they sat down.

"Fiancée." Su Yu smiled. Thinking back, that ridiculous engagement still felt like a dream.

"Fiancée? I didn't even know that he was engaged, they sure are low-key." Jian Tong was a bit surprised.

"It's a long story, let's not talk about this. What do you want to eat? Let's order."

"Okay." Jian Tong nodded as she flipped through the menu.

Then, she waved her hand to call over the server…

"We'll have salmon, tuna, and white tuna, along with udon and conch. I don't want big conches though, oh, and also crab, Argentinian shrimp, and two Australian lobsters. Oh right, and a bottle of champagne."

"Okay, please wait."

Just as Jian Tong finished ordering, a notification suddenly popped up on her phone.

On the display, it read, 'your account ending in 6846 just received a million Yuan transfer.'.

"President Su… did you transfer funds into my account?" Jian Tong saw that Su Yu across from her was on his phone.


"Why did you give me a million yuan?" Jian Tong was a bit surprised.

"Happy birthday… I didn't know it was your birthday, so I didn't prepare anything. Just take it and buy whatever you like."

"Thanks, President Su," The truth was, Jian Tong was disappointed by what he did.
Now that she was famous, she didn't lack money anymore, so she didn't want money as a birthday gift.

She would be happy even if Su Yu went to a ghetto night market to get her a hair accessory of some sort, because at least that meant he cared about her.

Instead, he transferred her 1 million yuan. Although it was a lot of money, it also meant that Su Yu didn't care at all.

Since Su Yu had tons of money, it was difficult and rare for him to emotionally invest…

However, Jian Tong would never ask for more, because she wasn't such a greedy person…

Huo Mian was still working overtime at South Side since two patients suddenly arrived at the Orthopaedics Department, and they were in dire need of treatment.

So she didn't get off work on time, and after she dealt with things, she noticed that it was already 6 PM.

She saw that Qin Chu called her, and just as she was about to respond -

She saw that Jiang Xiaowei sent a WeChat message. "I saw Su Yu eating with Jian Tong here."


"You were right not to date Su Yu, he's such a playboy," Jiang Xiaowei said angrily.

"What does that have to do with anything, haha…" Huo Mian laughed helplessly.

Then, she held up her phone and called Qin Chu…

"Honey, did you call me? I was just in the emergency room and didn't hear my phone ringing."