Chapter 731 Doctor Huo, I Want to Get a Check-up 2

"Right, Son you don't even know how rude Huo Mian was today… I went to South Side today for a check-up, and originally wanted her to help, but she completely ignored me. She was even flirting with that heir from the Huo Family and told me that if I had anything personal to talk to her about, then I would have to wait until she gets off from work. Take a look at her arrogance, who treats their mother-in-law like this?"

"Mom… then you should honestly ask yourself, have you ever treated her like your daughter-in-law?" Qin Chu asked, enunciating each word.

"She still can't treat people older than her like that… I think that you should watch over her, don't let her get too close to other men. It will destroy our family's reputation."
"Mom… I've known Huo Mian for many years, and I know exactly what she's like… If you're worried about you and dad's marriage, then you should best think about why this happened. Don't lose more than you would gain in the end, and… I've been very busy lately, please stop calling."
Qin Chu hung up after he spoke…

Mrs. Qin was so angry that she tossed her landline meters away…

"Damm it! The old behaves like this, and the young behave the same way, the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree… I tried so hard to convince them, but they all despise me. I really can't live anymore."

"Madam, your white fungus lotus seed soup is ready…" the maid carefully said.

"Get lost… do you think I'm in the mood to eat?"

Mrs. Qin exploded with intense fury at home…

Meanwhile, the Northern Metropolitan Daily's report had quite an effect on Huo Mian once again.

Everyone thought that Mrs. Qin was insane. She talked smack about her daughter-in-law in one interview, and then called her nice in the next.
However, Huo Mian remained low-key and never responded, making her seem magnanimous.

Su Yu just got off work and was about to leave when he saw Jian Tong walk in.

"President Su, are you free? I want to buy you dinner."

"Dinner? Why?"

"Because it's my birthday today." Jian Tong wore a graceful rosy-pink skirt with a black leather jacket on top; she looked very punk.

Jian Tong was currently the most popular celebrity at Imperial Star, and the most humble as well.

She was pushed to popularity due to her intelligence, lack of words… and her self-awareness. Therefore, Su Yu didn't mind her.

Su Yu originally wanted to refuse…

However, once he heard that it was Jian Tong's birthday, he felt that it would be rude to refuse…

"It's your birthday? Why didn't you say so? The company would have thrown you a birthday party." Su Yu looked at Jian Tong as he placed his hands into his pockets.

Jian Tong smiled as she shook her head. "No, it's okay, I've always thought that birthdays were a fairly private matter, so I didn't want to be so high-profile. I only wanted to celebrate with people I like. If you don't mind, let me treat you to dinner. Then, my friends are throwing me a party at 10 PM tonight."

Since Jian Tong was this generous, Su Yu felt like he would seem melodramatic if he refused…

So he nodded. "Let's go."

Jian Tong smiled and followed behind Su Yu, as the two of them walked out with lively conversation…

Mian Mian was extremely furious when she saw them, so she boorishly walked forward and said, "President Su… there's a script I don't quite understand. Are you free? Can you walk me through it?"

"Script guidance is the director and screenwriters' problem, don't you think it's ridiculous to ask me for help?"

Su Yu was beginning to dislike Mian Mian more and more now. Plastic surgery was fine since everyone wanted to be beautiful…

However, not only was she overconfident, but she had also fought with Jian Tong over Su Yu's praise, and even frequently harassed him. She was incredibly annoying.

Su Yu's sentence shut Mian Mian up right away, and Jian Tong smiled as she followed Su Yu into his glamorous black Lamborghini.

Then they drove away…

- Inside the Ritz-Carlton Western restaurant -

The two of them came to the restaurant here because Jian Tong especially liked salmon.

However, they unexpectedly encountered Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei…

"Whoa, Mr. Su… what a coincidence." Wei Liao stood up and smiled.
"Young Master Wei," Jian Tong greeted him.

"Big star, you're becoming more and more beautiful…" Wei Liao saw that Su Yu was eating with Jian Tong, and thought that there might be a chance for something to happen between those two.

So he was quite happy…

However, Jiang Xiaowei maintained her arrogance and pride as she sat there eating calmly without standing up.

"Every since you got engaged… it's been so hard getting you to come out even for a drink. What's going on? You forget your friends when you have a girl?" Su Yu smiled and teased.
"Ahem… that's not it, I've been pretty busy lately." Wei Liao lightly coughed and then looked at Jiang Xiaowei.

"Ohhh… are you busy making little babies?" asked Su Yu, going full out dirty mode.